5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day for Your Boyfriend

Date:28-01-2014 15:40:18 read:2

Have you begun thinking how to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend? Gifts, surprises, vacations, treats or other romantic ideas may top your list. However, planning a Valentine’s Day does not have to be very expensive or involve a lot of effort. Instead, careful planning and paying attention to details is all you need to show him just how much he means to you. V-Day is an excellent opportunity to remind each other of the wonderful love and togetherness that you share. It is a good day to do something different, and make it special for your beloved. Here are some tips.

1. Take charge

As per the norm and convention, men generally are in charge of planning Valentine’s Day. This time, you take the lead instead and plan a day for the two of you. Ask him to just sit back and enjoy as you make plans to woo him. He will love it!

2. Introduce an element of surprise

A pleasant surprise when he least expects it, will work great! Wake him up to a bouquet of flowers or send it over to his workplace, take him out for lunch or dinner to a new place that you know he will love, go for a movie that he has been wanting to watch or book a one day trip to a romantic resort. Make sure to plan things in advance and keep things just to yourself.

3. Dress gorgeously

Though you look your best everyday, on this special day, try a different look. Dress differently, but beautifully. Wear his favorite color. Try a new hairstyle that suits your dress. In brief, look your best to attract him the most. He will love to see you in a different avatar and enjoy the visual treat just as much as you would enjoy looking and feeling great.

4. Be playful

For this one day, shove aside all your other responsibilities and make your boyfriend your primary focus. Spend quality time with your boyfriend. Try to make every moments spend together magical.

5. Celebrate at home

You can plan to stay back at home with your boyfriend than going out to celebrate. Turn your home into a love zone. Create a festive spirit in the house by cleaning it and decorating it in a way it looks great. Throw in lots of pillows and cushions in your living room, decorate the area with heart shaped balloons, and scented candles. Have soft romantic numbers playing and order your favorite food home.

Use these ideas to celebrate love with the man in your life. Get creative and make it a truly relaxing and beautiful day for him.

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