5 Latest Celebrity Weight Loss Fad Diets

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While living in an age where everyone seems to be pressed for time, quick solutions to all our problems are common. Fad diets that promise miraculous weight loss and endorsed by celebrities are very popular. Here are 5 well-known celebrity fad diets.

1. The Dukan diet

One of the most fashionable diet plans, it came into light after being vouched for by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. It is a diet, which focuses more on protein and less on carbs. It saves one the trouble of going the regular way for weight loss – you do not need to keep a check on your calories or starve yourself to shed those excess pounds.

2. The Atkins diet

It was endorsed by Jennifer Aniston after she managed to shed a considerable amount of weight by following the plan. It is high on fat, protein, and low on carbs. There are again four phases of the diet, the first two focus on weight loss while the remaining two parts focus on weight maintenance.

3. The weight watchers diet

Some of the popular beneficiaries of the diet include Jenny McCarthy, Jennifer Hudson, and Sarah Ferguson. It is popular among several health conscious people across the globe. The diet focuses on counting your calories and restricting fat consumption.

4. The cookie diet

Yes, you heard it right! The cookie diet, which turned even sweeter with reality star Kim Kardashian trying it out, helps in weight loss. However, these are not the Chocó-chip cookies. But do not get disappointed as they don’t taste that bad. The cookie formula is believed to be developed by Dr. Siegal, a Miami-based doctor. The cookies are loaded with amino acids and suppress your hunger. It is also high in fiber which makes you feel full longer.

5. The baby food diet

Ever heard or tried this diet? Well, celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are fans of this diet. Eating mashed and puréed foods like a baby may sound a bit strange, but it promises weight loss, less cravings and quick eating. According to this diet formula, baby food is substituted for one or more meals a day. This ensures the intake of low calorie baby food, pushing aside the high calorie snacks!

Next time you look at the celebrities and wonder the secret of their gorgeous bodies, you know what helped them achieve it!

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