6 Ways to Make Your Husband Love You Again

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A marriage does not guarantee love for ever. Even when a couple stay together for life, most times it is not out of love but because they have gotten too comfortable with each other and do not want to change their daily patterns. The same could happen to you too. You could be happily married, but there could be no love in your marriage as you and your husband get bogged down with the responsibilities of managing your home, work and kids. When familiarity sets in, there is very little love to go around. A loving marriage and a husband who loves you are important to make you happy and healthy. Here are some ways in which you can make your husband love you again.

1. Spend some time with him

Make it a point to spend some alone time with him every day. Finish all your work a little early and go to bed with a fresh mind. Sometimes, you might be spending the whole day under the same roof with him, but not really talk to him. Talk to him more and understand him more to make him love you again.

2. Try to be the same person he fell in love with

Women always complain that men do not treat them the same way they treated them when they were going out. Although this is true, women are not completely blameless either. Women change too, after the wedding. Try to be as close to the person you were when you two were in love and he will love you again with the same fervor.

3. Get creative in bed

Sex is an important part of a marriage. With kids and work, you might not look forward to it more often or enjoy it with the same fervor you used to when you were just married. Get creative in bed and try out new positions and play act new scenarios to make your husband love you love

4. Give him his space

Sometimes he may not like you more just because you are always around him and constantly bugging him. Give him his space to think and do things that he likes. You do not have to constantly flutter around to show him your love. When he knows that you respect his space and are comfortable letting him do his things, he will definitely love you more.

5. Show more enthusiasm for his interests

If he is a sports fan or into gadgets, do not make a face. Learn more about his interests and show some enthusiasm even if it is fake. He will love you more and love you again just for the effort you put in to make him happy.

6. Surprise him often

Break the routine of the daily life with a surprise dinner, gift or a short trip. Get some sexy down time together. Make him feel like he is the most handsome man in the planet. When you make him feel special and treat him like a king, he will love you for sure.

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