7 Facts You Must Know About Sizzurp

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Sizzurp is a drink that has become popular among underage drinkers. It was initially marketed as an energy drink, but in reality it a drink that is a mix of some very unhealthy substances. Sizzurp is a mix of cough syrup, any alcohol, a fruity soda and a jolly rancher. The combination of sugar, fizz and alcohol can give anyone a high and it is bad especially for kids who get addicted to it. The worst thing is that sizzurp has actually been made more famous and acceptable to kids by the rap songs, some of which have lyrics extolling the goodness and coolness of sizzurp. You need to be careful about drinking sizzurp as it can cause many complications. Here are some facts you should know about sizzurp.

1. It contains alcohol

Although marketed as an energy drink, you should know that it has alcohol in it and if you see your kid or other kids sipping on it, you should make sure that they stop doing it. It is not good for kids.

2. It can be addictive

Sizzurp can be an extremely addictive drink. You can get hooked on to it so much that you may even get withdrawal symptoms when you are not drinking t for a few days. It is always better to stay away from it in the first place.

3. It can cause delusions and hallucinations

Drinking sizzurp can cause hallucinations and delusions. Do not drink sizzurp if you are driving or do not have it if you are planning to drive. Cough syrup and alcohol can be a deadly combination and you need to keep your senses right when you are out and driving.

4. It contains codeine

Codeine is a respiratory depressant and when sizzrup is taken in large quantities, it can cause difficulties in breathing and in very rare cases can even cause death and the person would stop breathing.

5. It increases the risk of seizures in people who are already prone to them

People with a history of seizures should stay away from sizzrup as it can increase the risk of seizures in people who are already prone to them. It does not cause seizures on its own but increases the likelihood.

6. It can cause nausea, diarrhea and other health problems

The ingredients in sizzrup are so addictive that stopping it can cause a lot of problems. You get nausea, diarrhea and other health problems by taking it as well as stopping it. It is a vicious circle once to get addicted to it, so it is better to stay away from it.

7. People often mix it with alcohol and other drugs

Sizzrup is most commonly had with alcohol and other drugs and this can be a lethal combination. It can give a high almost immediately when mixed with other things and should be kept away from kids who are very susceptible to it.

Do not get into the habit of taking sizzrup thinking it is a energy drink. It could prove dangerous for you once you get addicted to it.

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