4 Things to Know About How Sugar Increases Obesity

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Sugar that we use for cooking and to sweeten up a lot of other foods is refined carbohydrate derived from plants sources such as sugarcane and beet. The sugar that we use every day in our food is called sucrose. However other foods contain other types of sugar such as fruits which contain fructose. Glucose is found in honey. Sometimes we eat certain foods without really thinking about how much sugar they pack in. Canned or packed fruit, cakes, pies, pudding, muffins, cereal bars, sweetened breakfast cereals, ice cream, some fruit juices, sweetened or flavored milk and flavored yogurt are some of the foods that we eat everyday but contain a high amount of sugar. It is wrongly assumed that fatty foods are the only things that cause obesity when it comes to food, but the truth is that sugar too is a leading cause for obesity. Here is how a large intake of sugar increases obesity.

1. Sugar is a carbohydrate

Too much carbohydrate causes weight gain in you. You can imagine sugar, a pure carbohydrate causing increased weight gain. Also sugar tends to be more concentrated in foods, so with each mouthful, you consume a lot more sugar than the other things found in the food. If it is sugar from fruits, it isn’t as damaging, but in fact beneficial. Even 500 calories on a regular basis every day can cause a weight gain of a pound every week.

2. Sugar without fiber causes more craving for food

When you eat or consume sugary foods that have very little fiber in them i.e when they are not fruits, you tend to have more cravings for food. This is because of the blood sugar fluctuations caused by excessive intake of sugar without fiber. It is also important to note that sugar contains empty calories. The carbohydrate in sugar is also turned into fat making you obese.

3. It is difficult to take sugar in moderation

You can minimize the sugar you ad in your coffee, but it is difficult to stay away from other foods with a lot of sugar. When you overindulge in them, it causes some serious weight gain, making you obese after a while.

4. Sugar is highly addictive

When you ass sugar to your food or eat a lot of sugary food, it causes you to experience a mild high. But then this high subsides after a while making you crave sugar and more food later. After a while you also start to build high tolerance levels for sugar and you end up needing more sugar to reach the same levels of high. More sugar= more food =weight gain=Obesity. It is a pretty vicious cycle.

Obesity caused by sugar starts from a pretty early age with kids these days hooked on to a sugary junk diet. This continues as they grow up. Obesity in kids is the cause for diabetes and heart ailments at a later age. It is always best to lower sugar intake if you want to eat healthy and live longer.

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