6 Tips to Host an Easter Party for Kids

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Kids look forward to Easter parties not only because they want to enjoy holidays, but also because they want to savor all sorts of Easter goodies and gifts. If you are organizing an Easter party, here are some tips that you can use.

1. Engage kids in making their own Easter baskets

Having too many kids in the house for an Easter party can be chaotic and messy. To keep them engaged for a long time, involve them in creating Easter baskets in their own style. Arm them with stationery including paper, scissors, glue, crayons, readymade baskets and ribbons. Give kids a few Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and other goodies that they can put in the basket. Set a challenge for the kids to write a creative Easter poem that they can put in their basket. This will help you keep them busy for a long while.

2. Give the kids Easter bunny paper and bead jewelry to wear

Kids love anything that has to do with cute Easter bunnies. Create paper cut outs of an Easter bunny and make jewelry out of it by placing it on a head band, a bracelet or a belt. Use beads and sequins to decorate the paper jewelry. Kids will love roaming around the house wearing this stuff and they will also have something to take away with them when they go home.

3. Organize an Easter egg treasure hunt

No Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt. Kids love the idea of a bunny coming at home and dropping off goodies at secret places that they have to find. Place Easter eggs in various corners of your house and organize a treasure hunt around it. Set up clues that kids can solve and be rewarded for at every step.

4. Use bunny cutlery

Since everything about Easter for kids revolves around bunnies, use bunny themed cutlery to make kids feel as if they are in the middle of Easter land. If you have the time to create paper cutlery, it will add a fantastic creative touch to the party. And if you don’t have the time to do so, simply grab some readily available bunny themed cutlery from the supermarket. This could include bunny plates, napkin rings, tissues, bowls and glasses.

5. Create innovative games around Easter eggs and bunny themes

If you don’t want to opt for the traditional egg hunt, you can select from a large variety of popular Easter games for children. You can even create your own simple games which kids can enjoy. For example, hang lots of Easter eggs with a thread or wire on the tree in your backyard at varying lengths. Set up a game in which the kid who can jump long enough to grab the egg, wins it.

6. Give the invited guests a party favor

Your Easter party will be a hit only if your guest kids speak well about it after it ends. And you can make this possible by giving them sweet Easter memories and a take away as a party favor. Be a good host and pack a goody bag for each kid. Your kid could contain things like Easter themed stationery set, Easter bunny photo frame, Easter stickers, Easter bands, bunny headbands or cascarones.

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