5 Indoor Games to Play With Family When You are Snowed In

Date:19-02-2014 11:20:07 read:3

The recent cold wave that has hit the nation has most of us trapped inside our homes or offices for long hours. Watching the snow when it is totally unexpected can be interesting for a while, but after sometime you are bound to get bored and thinking of various ways to while away your time. There is only so much TV you can watch and so much reading you can do when you know you cannot go outside for a walk or even to run an errand. To save yourself from getting irritated and mad, you need to come up with a few interesting games to keep you occupied otherwise. If you cannot come up with games of your own, here are a few suggestions.

1. Board games

Certain board games like monopoly and chess can go on and on and these games really do not have an age limit. You can start in the morning and still not want to finish it when the sunlight goes down. The more the players involved the more interesting the board games get. Get everyone in the family to join and make your snow day an interesting day.

h4>2. Make tunnels and caves using sheets

If you have little kids and you have to keep them occupied during the day, then there is no better game than this. Move your furniture around to create a series of tunnels inside the living room and also create caves using really thick sheets. Not only will the kids get tired after a while they will also go to sleep inside their make believe tunnels.

3. Cards

There are so many games you can play with cards. The best thing about cards is that you sometimes don’t even need another person. You can learn new tricks and if it is an especially difficult trick you can spend an entire day learning it. If you have people around, then the possibilities of finding a new game are endless. You can always come up with newer games with new rules.

4. Make cleaning the house a game

Time yourself for each room and see how many boxes you can fill or how fast you can clean out your wardrobe. Not only will this game be interesting and make you do stuff, but this will also help you get your room and living space cleaned and clutter free.

5. Hide and seek

This game will only work if you have a big house and an attic or a basement. It would be interesting to know all the secret places that your kids have found within your house. You can also maybe find something that has been missing for long.

Games never have to be constant. The best thing about making your own games is that the rules are all your own. You can modify them and make new ones as you go along. Instead of fretting about losing a day, make this day a fun day by playing some cool indoor games.

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