6 Incredible Things People have Done in the Name of Love

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Some say love makes people blind, some say it makes them go crazy, while some say this thing called love is a deadly drug which prevents you from thinking rationally. There are people out there who have done some very incredible things in the name of love which could be perceived as silly or romantic, depending on your perception. Here are some of the most awe-inspiring and so called romantic gestures people have done for the ones they love.

1. Built the Taj Mahal

Building the most wondrous piece of architecture of its time and creating a wonder of the world was what Prince Shah Jahan did in memory and out of love for his dead wife Mumtaz Mahal. The heartbroken prince enlisted a number of laborers after his wife’s death in 1631 and constructed the most symmetrical, finest and grandest palace of white marble studded with precious gems. This palace which took 22 years to build, served as the dead queen’s tomb and when Shah Jahan died in 1666 was also laid here to rest beside his beloved queen.

2. Tattooed their face

As if it’s not crazy enough to get the name of your lover tattooed on your body, an 18 year old Russian, Lesya Toumaniantz got her one date old boyfriend’s name tattooed on her face in huge black letters. Rouslan Toumaniantz, the said boyfriend is a tattooist who did this outrageous act and the couple say that this shows their ‘eternal love’ for each other.

3. Underwent surgery to resemble each other

This has to be the craziest thing which can also be called downright stupid, done in the name of love. Husband and wife Neil and Jacqueline Megson underwent numerous surgeries to look exactly like each other because they were apparently so crazily in love that they started believing they were the same person. They spent a whopping $200,00 for this bizarre act.

4. Married Nick Vujicic

Not many people would marry someone who doesn’t have any of his four limbs. Nick Vujicic is a famous Australian evangelist and motivational speaker who doesn’t have either hands or legs due to some health complications during birth. The world was stunned when a woman, Kanae Miyahara, married him. This instance shows such deep love for the other person.

5. Lived like cavemen for love

About five decades ago, a young 19 year old Chinese lad fell for a widowed lady who was a decade older than him. Such love wasn’t acceptable to the conservative small society of their Chinese village so Xu Zhaoqing and Liu Guojiang decided to flee and having nowhere else to go, they settled in a scenic cave and lived like cavemen. Such was the love of this man for his woman that he carved out 6000 steps from the base of the mountain leading to the cave with just a chisel.

6. Given up the royal throne

In the late 1930s, the world was witness to a love so stirring that a king was ready to give up his throne for spending his life with the woman he loved. King Edward XIII of Britain fell hard for Wallis Simpson, a twice divorced American socialite. Such a marriage was however deemed to be scandalous for the royal family so the new king abdicated his throne for his love. So inspired was pop star Madonna with this romantic tale that she made a movie based on this moving story.

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