5 Signs You are Afraid of Intimacy

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There are three kinds of partners – avoidant, secure and anxious. Usually, the avoidant ones are those who are afraid of having relationships that involve a high quotient of intimacy. These are people who need their own space, and hate relationship complications. This kind of approach works well when both the partners are in the same zone, and don’t really care about a definite path for their relationship. However, it can still spell trouble for you! Watch out for these signs if you haven’t yet realized that you fear intimacy.

1. Physical gestures freak you out!

If you get uncomfortable and freak out whenever your partner is trying to be physically intimate with you by cuddling or holding your hand, then you are surely not the mushy kind. For most people, physical display of affection is very important in a relationship, and if you don’t like it, then you are definitely afraid of intimacy.

2. Being alone scares you

When planning outings or celebrating occasions, do you always feel the need to invite more people apart from you and your partner? Well, then chances are that you don’t like being close to him. This is because special events in life require the presence of just you and your loved one, and if you don’t like that idea, then inviting more people is your way of avoiding intimate moments with your partner.

3. Abandonment is a big fear

This is a trait in people who have either been cheated on in previous relationships, or have lost too many loved ones in general, in life. Such people have a phobia of intimacy, because they feel that whomever they get close to will eventually leave them alone and go. So if thoughts of abandonment keep coming in your head, then they may be making you afraid of intimacy.

4. You have low self esteem and confidence

Sometimes, when people are not confident about themselves, and are constantly unsure of whether their partner loves them or not, they don’t get intimate. This usually happens when you are either not confident about your physical appearance, or have had bad breakups in the past where someone left because they thought you were not worth being with. With such a harsh past, it is a little difficult to move on, and the fear of being intimate with a new person is natural.

5. You feel stuck

There are times when you are not prepared to have a relationship in your life, but have committed to a person at a stage when you genuinely have no space for anything else except your career. In times likes these, you are stuck! You are afraid to get intimate, because the more you do, the more your partner will expect from you, time-wise and commitment-wise. In other words, you are afraid to get intimate at such a busy stage, but may not mind intimacy and involvement sometime later in life.

The good thing is that this fear of intimacy is easy to deal with, when we have the support of our loved ones around us. In worst-case scenarios, couples may even seek professional help.

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