7 Easter Traditions You Must Follow

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Easter is one of the most important Christian celebrations. Each year, it is celebrated all over the world with great zest and enthusiasm. This festival has a lot of traditions linked to it that are followed religiously even today.

1. Making of Easter Eggs

This is one of the most common traditions followed for centuries. Easter eggs are also known as spring eggs, as Easter arrives at the time of spring. The egg was considered a symbol of rebirth and resurrection for Christians and has been a symbol of fertility since time immemorial. Initially, hard-boiled eggs painted on the outside in attractive colors were used for Easter. Today however, these hard-boiled eggs have been replaced by chocolate Easter eggs that are enjoyed as a delicacy. Besides chocolate, the other substitutes are marzipan, jelly beans, etc. These Easter eggs are placed in decorative baskets that resemble a bird’s nest and are used to gift others on the occasion of Easter.

2. Easter Bonnet

This is one of the oldest traditions followed for Easter. It was started by the age-old belief that, wearing new clothes during Easter would bring good luck to a person. Thereafter, people stick to the tradition and wear an Easter bonnet during the festival of Easter. An Easter bonnet is a particular kind of hat that women wear during the Easter mass. This hat is decorated using ribbons, flowers and leaves. The round shape of the bonnet symbolizes the sun, whereas, the leaves and flowers on the bonnet symbolize the coming of spring.

3. Egg Hunt

Egg hunt is a kind of traditional Easter game played in many countries. It can be an indoor game or an outdoor one. In this game Easter eggs are hidden in various places for children to find. This game is similar to the treasure hunt. The eggs are decorated beautifully and hidden at various places. The game ends by giving out prizes to the participants, who have found the maximum number of eggs. Sometimes, prizes may also be given to the one who has found the largest egg, the smallest egg, an egg of a specific color and so on.

4. Egg rolling

This is a kind of sport played in many countries during the Easter celebrations. It involves the rolling of eggs down a slope by using sticks. Traditionally, the egg symbolizes the stone that covered the tomb of Jesus. Hence, the rolling of the egg is in connection with the angel moving the stone off the tomb. This game is played in several ways in different countries. In United States, the Easter Egg Rolling is conducted as an annual event. It has been taking place at the White House Lawn on every Easter Sunday.

5. Lighting of the Paschal Candle

On Easter, the other age-old tradition is the lighting of candles of Easter. As per customs, on Good Friday churches put off all their candles as a sign of mourning. On Easter, the Easter Paschal candle is blessed and lit up. It symbolizes the celebration and the welcoming of Jesus Christ back into our lives. The term Paschal comes from the word Pesach. It means Passover in Hebrew. The Easter Paschal candle, signifies Jesus Christ as the light of the world. It also represents His divine presence amidst the people praying for Him.

6. Hanging and Burning of Judas

This is a tradition that is carried out by orthodox Christians in certain countries. Judas was the disciple of Jesus who betrayed him. As a result, in certain countries, orthodox Christians make a dummy of Judas, hang it on Good Friday and on Easter day, they finally burn it. This, however, is not an official custom that is accepted by the Roman Catholic Church. Yet, many countries still follow this custom till date.

Above are a few examples of Easter traditions that are carried out in different countries. However, the method by which each of these traditions is conducted may differ. No matter how different the celebrations are, everywhere the day of Easter is a day of joy and hope, celebrated by sharing love and warmth with one and all.

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