8 Best Home Remedies for Oily Hair

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Naturally occurring oil produced by your body is good for your hair and your scalp. It keeps your scaly hydrated, preventing itching and scratching and protects your hair from breakage. But sometimes there can be just too much of it, so much so that a few minutes after washing it and getting it styles, it goes back to looking stringy and dirty. You get oily hair for a lot of reasons. It can be hereditary; it can be because of the hormones you produce during your menstrual cycle or it can be caused by some supplements you take with your regular diet. Contrary to popular belief, oily food does not automatically translate to oily hair, unless you rub them on to your scalp. However, it is also easy to treat oily hair at home, with simple procedures and home remedies. Here are some best home remedies for oily hair.

1. Shampoo your hair everyday

Shampooing your hair every day is a good idea if you are having oily hair problems. Shampooing removes all the excess hair on your scalp, thereby giving your hair an oil free look.

2. Use a shampoo with a higher pH

Shampoos for normal hair come with a pH between 4-5 and 6.7. But to treat an oily hair, you need a shampoo that is more alkaline and a higher pH content of 6.7 and more. Adding a few drops of dish washing liquid to your regular shampoo is also good if you do not feel weird about it.

3. Rinse your hair thoroughly after you shampoo it

Leaving behind residue on your scalp can also increase the oiliness of the hair as left behind residue collects a lot of dirt and grime. Rinse your hair well after shampooing and feel your hair and scalp to make sure there is no residue left behind.

4. Alcohol

Any liquor with high alcohol content is also good to treat oily hair. Mix it with water and rinse it out thoroughly so your hair does not smell of liquor.

5. Wash your hair with a lemon, vinegar and water solution.

An acidic solution like a lemon, vinegar solution is also good to treat oily hair. The acids in the solution wash out the excess oil and also give your hair a fragrant and soft feel.

6. Tea

Tea is also great for your hair. Boil some tea leaves and drain it well. Cool down the tea and rinse your hair with it to get rid of the excess oil. Tea has tannic acid, an astringent that gets rid of the excess oil in your scalp and hair.

7. Beer

Beer is good to drink as well as good for your hair. It really cleanses your hair and also gets rid of the excess oil. As an added benefit, it makes your hair look shiny and also soft.

8. Do not brush your hair too much

Brushing your too much can also cause more oil to secrete from your scalp. Brush your hair less, if it is really oily.

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