5 Signs He is Jealous and Insecure

Date:03-04-2014 14:40:15 read:0

Jealousy can sometimes be an invariable part of love. This unhealthy emotion can stem from many reasons. It is generally more apparent in initial stages of a relationship when the intensity of your partner’s love for you is unknown and you feel insecure. There are some clear signs that you have a jealous boyfriend if you see any of these signals.

1. He likes to be a part of decision making

When you are taking certain decisions, your boyfriend wants to play an active role and would not appreciate if you do something he does not approve of. You have to seek his approval for all the things you choose in your life. Understand that he is jealous and insecure.

2. He prohibits you from trying new things

You are bold and love to experiment, but he is not okay with the idea that you try anything without him. He often defends his actions by saying that he loves you and cares a lot about you and wants to be there for you if something goes wrong. Well, he is obviously jealous!

3. He is uncomfortable with another guy’s presence

He can get really mad and unreasonable if it involves another guy. He would never want you to go out and have fun with other men, definitely not when he is not present with you to monitor your movements.

4. He is extremely curious

He likes to keep a tab on the things you are doing. If for some reason you refuse to talk about or forget telling him about something, he can get really mad and can go on sulking for days accusing you of hiding things from him. This is the clearest sign of a jealous boyfriend. He wants to know what you have been up to all the time, especially without him.

5. When he calls, you have to answer

This unreasonable expectation comes from the fact that he sees himself as the highest and final authority in your life. So when he calls, you drop all the things you are doing and cater to him. This applies to even if you are on another call. It just goes without saying that you will drop the current call to answer his.

So ladies, take the clues from here to understand if your boyfriend is jealous and insecure. You might feel that he’s too much in love with you, but this emotion is so unhealthy that it will not be good in the long run.

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