5 Signs He is Dating Another Girl

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You are committed to a guy in a relationship but not sure how he feels. You have a hunch that something is not right. Don’t ignore that feeling and start observing the signs. The chances are, your man is dating other women while you believe that your relationship is on the rocks and it’s just a phase. Here are the 5 signs that prove he is dating another woman.

1. He is not comfortable if you check his phone

Your man seems to be extremely uncomfortable if you touch his phone or try to read his texts. In your presence, if he ends his calls quickly or does not answer the phone too much, it can mean that he is hiding something from you.

2. He starts complaining and finds faults with you

If you see him unhappy about being in a relationship with you and often says that he feels unloved and unappreciated, he may already have someone who makes him feel otherwise. It is either that or he is contemplating a breakup to be available for other women. You can also take a clue if he continuously finds fault with you for no reason.

3. He talks about that one person too much

If he is constantly talking about that coworker who is very humorous and is a “good friend”, it is time to delve a little deeper. While it may also be a harmless friendship, in most cases, it is otherwise. That good friendship soon reaches other levels and before you know it, your relationship with him is over.

4. His friends are fidgety

When you see suspicious behavior, ask his friends if they know something. If they look uncomfortable and avoid eye contact, then you can be sure there is something out of the line. It is perhaps time for confrontation if you notice such behavior.

5. He gives short answers

Just ask him simple questions like what he did yesterday. The answers he gives will have the clues to base your suspicion on. If he gives short and clipped answers, then he is probably not comfortable divulging too many details of what he did the other day. This can also mean that he has someone else with whom he is spending significant time.

Though these are just signs that your man is dating another girl, never confront him without any solid proof. If by any chance, your suspicions turn negative, then it can cost you much. So tread carefully.

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