6 Things You Can Do When You Miss Someone

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We girls are considered to be more emotional than our fellow male fraternity. Though most of us are now strong and tough modern day women, we still do tend to experience emotions like remembrance, loneliness, love, jealousy and more. Many a times we do not understand how to deal with it, especially when our loved one is far away and we miss him/her. so here are few tips for those who find it difficult to cope with such situations.

1. It’s okay to shed a tear

Ladies and girls, please remember that if you miss someone it is okay to shed a few tears in his /her memory. This will make you feel lighter and better.

2. Accept and act

If you are missing your best friend, just accept it. May be you both had a fight and your ego is coming in the way of calling her, just put the ego aside. He/she is your dear one. Without hesitation just dial the number and say hello.

3. Write a letter

If you are missing a person far away and you know your letters won’t reach him/her, still write one. Writing the letter will make you feel like you have had areal conversation. The burden will definitely shed of your heart.

4. Relive a memory

If you are missing a person really bad, revisit a place you both visited together or do some happy activity (It could be as simple as singing his/her favorite song). This will bring a smile on your face and make you feel like you spent some time with him/her. Make sure to choose a happy destination though.

5. Scan old pictures

Going through old pictures of the person you miss, will rekindle all the memories good or bad.

6. Create new memories

How much ever you wish for the person you miss to be with you that very moment, it doesn’t happen. Making new friends, meeting new people, focusing elsewhere, finding a new liking, pursuing an old hobby will help you create new memories and thus lessen your pain.

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