6 Ways to Stop Trying to Please Everyone All the Time

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Just as the juggler at the circle juggles with different objects, many people tend to juggle the different people in their lives and their needs. Are you one of them? Then, you must be made aware of the fact that there is a tiny difference between the juggler and you – he rarely misses and you do, miserably. Here’s the bitter truth – there is absolutely no way you can become the Goody Miss Two-Shoes and keep everyone happy all the time. There will always be some people grumbling, but you will have to let go of certain things. Here are 6 ways to stop trying to please everyone all the time.

1. Learn to say “no” with firmness

Initially it may be difficult to say ‘no’ if you’re in the habit of saying ‘yes’ to everything. But uttering the word will get easier once you begin the practice. Practice it on friends first if it is difficult with other people.

2. Don’t make up all sorts of excuses

Being honest with the person asking for your favor is the best thing to do. Any person would understand if you genuinely have a problem. People tend to make up all sorts of silly excuses to get out of a situation. However, this web of excuses entangles them furthermore. It’s hard to stay happy when you constantly have to worry about your lies potentially backfiring and the person finding out.

3. Take your time

Just because someone asked you for a favor that does not mean you’ll instantly take down the order and be off on your way to fulfilling it. You can always take your time and tell them so. It’s not you who’s asking for their favor, it’s the other way around. If getting down to helping them right away is not feasible for you, then tell them that you need a little time to think about it.

4. Let people know you’re not available 24×7

If saying ‘no’ to certain people isn’t an option, then at least set your boundaries and time limits. Tell the moocher you will only be able to help and give your time within some particular hours and on particular days.

5. Tell yourself, you aren’t being selfish

If you are constantly doing favors to someone, then make sure you also get something in return. Keep it equal and also ask the person for little favors from time to time just so that he/she knows that you are not a gullible idiot they have gotten hold of. It may go against your philosophy of being a selfless and unconditional helper, but that’s the treatment you need to give to the certain section of people who unabashedly press you with their needs every single day.

6. Assess your fears

Most of the time, it is our fear of the consequences that stop us from saying ‘no’. Sit down and think what will really happen if you say ‘no’ to them. Do they control your life? Are they responsible for your success at work? Can they harm you in any way? If the answer is no then you really don’t need to bother about the decorum all the time.

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