8 Things to Do on a Bad Hair Day

Date:02-05-2014 08:40:05 read:0

A bad hair day not only causes irritation but also reduces the confidence level. So, how do you fix the situation and get back your awesome self? Check out some things to do on a bad hair day.

1. Pull your hair into a ponytail

If you cannot manage your hair, then the best bet is to pull your hair back into a ponytail. A ponytail can never go wrong. A pigtail can also bail you out of a bad hair day. A high pony will not only make you look classy but it will also help with your bad hair texture.

2. Wear a scarf or bandana

If you are going for a casual outing, then wear a scarf or a bandana. Choose the color of your bandana so that it complements your outfit. You are wearing your style, so wear it confidently. This can instantly bail you out of trouble. In summers, it can provide you with some respite as well.

3. Use a gel or wet your hair

If the situation is really bad, then it is better to use a gel to set your hair. Just brush your hair and apply a gel on your hair. A gel would make your hair smooth and manageable. Or else, wet your hair to make your hair look different.

4. Try a sock bun

A sock bun is a quick fix for your worst bad hair days. Just pull your hair backwards and make a pony. Now, pull that pony and make a bun out of it. Conceal the bun with the help of bobby pins. This bun would make you look classy and stylish at the same time.

5. Use a headband

A headband can work wonders for your hair if you are not able to manage your hair. Head bands are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Just use a good head band that matches with your dress color. Get ready to look chick and receive loads of compliments for your look. No one would know that you had a bad hair day!

6. Use a hair serum

Hair serums are specially formulated for dry hair and frizz. Use a good hair serum if your hair is too dry to manage. Serum will make your hair soft and manageable. Serums are also available depending on different hair textures and types.

7. Make use of a hair mask

A hair mask can provide instant respite from a bad hair day. Just use any natural hair mask like egg mask or avocado mask. Natural hair masks help to make your hair soft and reduces the frizz from hair. Similarly, deep conditioning can also help to provide a relief from bad texture. Use deep conditioning to make your hair manageable and soft.

8. Use styling tools

Styling tools like a hair straightener or curler can also bail you out of a bad hair day. Just wet your hair with a water spray, then use any styling tool to manage a style that would suit best.

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