5 Reasons Why Having a Crush at Work is Great for You

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Yes, there are a lot of people who say that having a crush at work is bad, because that keeps you distracted. And they are not entirely wrong in saying so. However, one can’t deny the fact that having a crush on a coworker has some great benefits too. Listed here are some reasons why having a crush at work is great for you.

1. You don’t miss a single day at work

In the hope and excitement of meeting or seeing that person every single day, you go to work daily, religiously, without taking an off. And that is really good for your performance. This kind of daily dedication is often taken into account during promotions and bonuses.

2. You are always happy

Your mood is always great. You see him and are blushing inside. Or if he talks to you or you exchange looks, then you automatically feel as if there are butterflies in your stomach. This kind of half-childish and half-mushy feeling is great to keep your spirits high, and that definitely helps you to be more productive and dedicated with your work. You take more interest in your office affairs than ever before!

3. You don’t waste time on office politics

Your lunch breaks go in trying to talk to him or meet him, and the rest of the day goes in trying to bump into him here and there. With coworkers, you discuss about how nice he is and how you respect him or look up to him in the workspace. And all this doesn’t give you any time for bitching or being involved in any kind of negative office politics. You stay away from it, and end up being friends with everyone.

4. You automatically look impressive

In trying to get him to see you, notice you or compliment you, you dress better everyday. And that not only helps you to get compliments from coworkers, but also sets the impression of you being a person who likes to look presentable all the time. This is a great impressive technique, and works very well in the corporate space or in the hospitality industry.

5. You might have just found your soul mate

For all you know, this person you have a crush on could actually be the one meant for you! With time, as your friendship would grow stronger with that person, you would get to know if your feelings are being reciprocated or not. And if all goes well, maybe you will start dating each other. There is nothing better than finding a lover and a soul mate in a coworker, because you get to spend a lot of time together.

So the next time you develop a crush on a coworker, take it easy. Let time tell whether it is going to materialize into something else or not. But till then, just enjoy the mushy and breezy feeling, and keep working hard. After all, you wouldn’t want your crush to think you are a dumb person, right? You will in a way work harder and better to get his attention and make him notice you. And that will only work in your favor, rather wonderfully!

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