Beautiful food: Christine d'Ornano's favourite recipes

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Beautiful food: Christine d'Ornano's favourite recipes

Christine d’Ornano, of Sisley skincare, shares her crème de la crème of restaurant dishes

Christine d’Ornano, the international vice president of Sisley, loves simple, light food Photo: CARLOS ALBA

Christine d’Ornano, the international vice president of the beauty brand Sisley, was born into the French aristocracy – and into the world of beauty too. The youngest daughter of Comte Hubert d’Ornano and his wife Isabelle, d’Ornano is carrying on a family tradition. Her grandfather was on the board of Coty, the French perfume house, and later set up Lancôme. Her father, aged 22, founded the scent company Jean d’Albret and the cosmetics house Orlane with his brother. “But when my uncle wanted to go into politics they had to sell the firm, it was huge by then, much too successful for my father to buy him out,” says d’Ornano.

Hubert d’Ornano, by now 50, wasn’t one to rest on his laurels. “He sensed that the future of cosmetics was going to be plant extracts and that his new firm, Sisley, would have to be high end, so they could use the best plant ingredients and hire the best scientists to create creams that really work,” says d’Ornano. “But his cleverest move was to bring my mother on board. She has such vision! I work with her on product development in Paris. She looks amazing, always very natural, with a glow of health. She has that whole philosophy of being healthy, but not obsessed.”

D’Ornano could be describing her own attitude to beauty – and to food. Of her choices of dishes from her favourite restaurants, she says, “I really love this kind of simple light food. When I returned to Paris from boarding-school in England to sit my exams aged 16 – the perfect age to rediscover Paris! – I loved going to the Brasserie Lipp, and this hearty leek salad is still a favourite. I love the vinaigrette.”

Her life these days is in London with her three daughters, twins aged 10 and one of seven. “Occasionally I have taken them to The River Café for special occasions, like my birthday. I love that place and Ruth Rogers is a friend,” she says. Her last choice is an artichoke salad from Bocca di Lupo in London. “It’s a wonderful restaurant. I’ve never had anything there I didn’t love! If this article does anything it might make it easier to get a table!”

Sadly we can’t arrange that, even for a beauty aristocrat.

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