8 Creative Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a special day to express your love for your mom. Agreed, one day is not enough to express, because mom’s love cannot be compared to anything in life. But, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, at least you can make her feel like the most amazing and special person in life. Plan something which would make her feel awesome. Listed below are some creative ways to make your mom feel special.

1. Take her to a spa

Your mom would love to indulge in some beauty and spa treatments. It would give her a break from daily chores. Book a spa session or a beauty treatment session and gift it to your mom. She will feel relaxed and rejuvenated and thank you for your gesture.

2. Initiate her into social networking

Get your mom on social networking sites so that she can chat with her old friends. This Mother’s Day, teach your mom some social networking tips and tricks. Sit with her for a proper session of two hours. She will really feel good to learn something new from you.

3. Donate something in her name

Engage in some charity or make a donation to an orphanage and let all the credit go to your mom. Take up a social cause or begin a foundation in her name. It’s one of the best ways to make your mother live forever.

4. Organize a Mother’s Day bash

Who says only birthdays should be celebrated in a grand way. Celebrate Mother’s Day with equal zest. Organize a Mother’s Day party and invite all your mom’s friends and your friends. This should be a surprise party, if you want to see a pleasant smile on your mom’s face. Your mom will surely have a good time at the party.

5. Write notes of love

Surprise your mom with love notes! Write fifty multi-colored notes stating fifty different reasons why you love your mom. Punch the notes together and tie it with a bow. Or else, use a keep sake ring to bind all the notes. Your mom will love this loving gesture of yours.

6. Make a photo collage

Another great way to make your mom feel special is to collect all the special memories in the form of pictures and make a special collage out of it. Use lots of family pictures for the collage. Now, frame the collage and gift it to your mom. She will really feel happy on this special gesture.

7. Watch a movie together

Spending your day with your mom would surely do the trick. Watch her favorite movie or a movie that has her favorite actor. You may also watch a women-oriented movie or the one that shows the strong bond between a mom and a daughter.

8. Prepare a meal for her

This Mother’s Day, wear a chef’s hat and make an amazing meal for your mom. She would relish anything you make with love. Do not forget to bake a cake for her. A super meal would make her feel good on the special day.

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