7 Ways to Read Your Boyfriend’s Body Language

Date:11-05-2014 14:40:04 read:1

Words can, smiles can but body language can never lie or fake. As a matter of fact, judging a person or his or her intentions are done best with his or her body language. Do you have a boyfriend and are you finding it tough to understand what he says and more importantly what he does not say? Here are some ways to read your boyfriend’s body language.

1. Sitting next to you

Where a guy sits when you are around says volumes about his comfort levels with you. If he prefers to sit away every time you go to some place, chances are he isn’t really comfortable with having you around or he prefers his individual space.

2. Eye contact

A boyfriend or otherwise, anyone that makes eye contact when you talk is most probably true and honest about what he says. However, if your boyfriend prefers to look away when you confront or look to his left and fidgets around, there are big chances he is hiding something.

3. Holding hands

Holding hands is a sign of security, comfort and happiness. When your boyfriend holds your hand firm, it is a sign that he likes to be with you and support you. However, if he dodges from holding your hand or very loosely clasps it even when the situation or occasion demands it, big chances that he isn’t feeling close enough with you.

4. Kissing you

A kiss on the forehead is a kiss that indicates protection and a general factor of happiness. When your boyfriend kisses you on your forehead, it is a great feeling of being wanted. However, if he chooses to kiss you on your forehead every time, then chances are he is considering the same relationship as you do. Kissing on the neck, on the contrary, indicates the want to have some intimate time together. Again, too much of that means he is simply using you.

5. Watching you walk away

Only when a man is truly smitten by you and is very concerned about you, will he see his girl walk away after every meeting. He may even be facing a kind of separation anxiety. Every time you leave, look back to see the beaming smile of genuine love on his face.

6. Hugs or handshakes

Does your boyfriend hug or shake hands with you every time you meet? Does the latter sound a little too ridiculous to take in? But there are men that shake hands. However, you may need to watch out for other signs to confirm if the guy does not mirror your intentions.

7. Face gestures

If your boyfriend looks at you and mirrors your words with appropriate expressions, he is really interested in what you have to say. On the contrary, if he has other things to do most of the time, he is more likely indicating he is least bothered about you have to do or say.

While it may be tough to watch out for every little gestures, some are tell tale signs if things are good or not-so good. Nevertheless, a wise judgment can help you make right decisions early and easily.

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