Crème fraîche recipes to put a spring in your step

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Crème fraîche recipes to put a spring in your step

Zingy crème fraîche works well in both sweet and savoury cooking - try it next time you're tempted to reach for the cream

Crème de la crème: rhubarb galette Photo: Andrew Crowley

I often use crème fraîche instead of cream. Where double cream tends to dampen flavours, crème fraîche lends them a light acidity, without sacrificing that comforting dairy richness.

You can use buttermilk to make a kind of crème fraîche: just add a tablespoon to 250ml of cream and leave until thick and creamy at roughly room temperature for about 24 hours.

The great thing about making crème fraîche yourself is that you can start with great British cream and end with something really special. I used some super-thick, rich, yellow cream from Hurdlebrook farm ( and made a batch of the most delicious crème fraîche I’ve ever had.

This tart made with crème fraîche and rhubarb is a real winner – much easier to make than you’d imagine. You can make it up in advance and bake it just before you eat it.

Crème fraîche also works well in savoury cooking and these two recipes really show how. I learnt this pasta recipe from River Café, and it is typical of that unique restaurant’s genius. Hardly any ingredients, yet a taste and experience far more than the sum of all its parts.

The Normandy pot roast is a wonderful mixture of sweet apples, earthy turnips and rich crème fraîche: it’s perfect for a rainy spring day (or a sunny one).


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