8 Types of Kisses Men Like Most

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Kisses are supposed to be simple and beautiful but the sheer varieties of kisses you will read about may send your head spinning. To reduce your anxiousness, here are a few kisses that will surely be a hit with your guy.

1. The earlobe kiss

Who says that it has to be the lips every time? An earlobe kiss can be appealing to both the sexes. Tug on his earlobes gently or nibble and suck on it a bit. It will make him crazy.

2. The butterfly kiss

The butterfly kiss can be fun for both of you. Just flutter your eyelashes lightly touching his cheek or even his neck. If you don’t want to go solo, the two of you can flutter your eyelids together while continuing to kiss.

3. The lip-sucking kiss

Okay, so finally we are down to lips. Rather than a simple peck, you can go ahead and take one of his lips between yours and suck away. It is one of the sexiest kisses out there and will send his head whirring.

4. The French kiss

Undoubtedly the most popular kiss ever, the French kiss is the ultimate kiss for every guy and they are crazy for a girl who doesn’t mind using some tongue. You can even take the tongue kiss a bit further and try the biting kiss where you bite on to your partner’s tongue before letting go.

5. The spiderman kiss

If you have seen the first Spiderman movie, you must remember the upside down kiss between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Try this one out, not necessarily hanging, but by planting an upside down kiss on your guy’s lips when he is sitting on a sofa or lying down.

6. The wet kiss

A wet kiss can really soar the temperature when done right. It will make your boyfriend go in a tizzy. Just make sure not to make it too wet or else it will be more gross than hot.

7. The Eskimo kiss

It is nothing but rubbing your nose against your partner, preferably with your eyes closed. This kiss may seem to be really childish but guys like it all the same. It is innocent and charming and will come in handy in case you decide on visiting the Arctic.

8. The jawline kiss

Unlike most others, this kiss is especially made to be given to the guys. Kiss him firmly on the bottom of the jaw and then follow it up with a series of small pecks all up to his ears. This kiss is a favorite with most of the guys and can be fun for you too.

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