7 Best Braided Hairstyles to Try

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Braids add the much-needed texture and style element to your otherwise boring hair. Many feel that braids only refer to the conventional plait, and that it makes them look old-fashioned. However, that is a myth and must be broken right away! There are way too many interesting braided hairstyles to try, which not only make you red-carpet ready, but add a different kind of charm to your face cut and attire altogether. Here are some of the best-braided hairstyles to try.

1. Side-slung fish braid

Combine the conventional side slung ponytail with a fish braid, and put in a few bobby pins here and there to adjust the extra strands. This kind of hairstyle can go with casual dresses, and even with a jeans and t-shirt. It’s best to avoid feeling hot, and save on managing your hair in a windy weather.

2. Crown braid

This one has many different variations to it, and you must have often seen stars sporting this hairstyle with their red carpet gowns. It looks uber-chic and is a great way to give your conventional bun a nice, braided twist.

3. Messy braided bun

A braided bun or a messy bun? Well, no need to choose when you can have both! Make a braid and pull out the extra strands to give a rough and messy effect. Then tie it up into a bun, and pull out more extra strands if need be. This look goes well with gowns, some casual dresses, and with a shorts and spaghetti outfit.

4. Mohawk braid

This is the kind of braid that starts from the nape of the neck and runs along the center of the head, giving a Mohawk kind of feel. You can line up two or three braids along each other, and pin them up with spike clips or something funky. This will go well with all your funky and rock show outfits.

5. Twirled bun

Divide your hair into a lot of sections and make a lot of thin braids. Then twirl all those braids in a swirl-like fashion next to each other and make a bun out of it. Pin with invisible pins or bobby pins. This is a good hairstyle to try with a variety of semi-formal dresses.

6. French-braided sides

Divide your hair from the center, and then French braid both the sides. Either bring both the braids together at the nape and fold them into a bun, or let your hair loose with beach wave kind of texturing, and let the braids seamlessly merge into the open hair. French-braided styles bring a certain kind of innocence and youthfulness on one’s face.

7. Hairline braid

Get a Dutch braid inside out along the hairline, and let the loose part of the hair be tied in a ponytail. This is great for adding a nice twist to the conventional ponytail, and goes with all kinds of casual outfits.

Most braids are easy to make on your own. Only some require extra sections of hair to be handled by means of pins and clips. Keep watching videos on the Internet, and you are sure to find many tutorials on how to make braids easily. Rest assured, braids are not boring! They are, in fact, one of the hottest trending styles currently.

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