6 Awesome Facts about Celebrity Hair Stylist David Babaii

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Seldom do hair stylists get such attention and fanfare, but David Babaii is an exception to the rule. He is a celebrity hair stylist as well as an entrepreneur who alone and together with Hollywood celebrities has come out with a lot of hair care products that are great for the hair as well as are eco-friendly. Also amazing is the fact that these products have not been tested on animals. Here are some amazing facts about celebrity hair dresser David Babaii who has taken the fashion world and red carpet hair styling by storm.

1. David Babaii was born in London but grew up in Los Angeles. After school he attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in both London and Los Angeles, one of the best and the most prestigious places to learn all about styling.

2. David Babaii has worked on over a hundred major fashion magazine covers and currently has an extremely impressive list of celebrity clientele. David had made his mark on fashion through hairstyle creations that are totally natural, unique and wonderful. Babaii’s celebrity clientele includes some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood such as Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson.

3. His styling on models and actresses have been featured on major fashion covers including InStyle, Vogue, ELLE, L’Officiel, Allure, Glamour and Flaunt, amongst others. Vogue also called him the King of Curls.

4. Together with Kate Hudson, he brought out a line of beauty products names David Babaii for Wild Aid. This line has ten pieces and has shampoos, conditioners, pomades, mousee, hairspay and volume powder. It also has a hair dryer and flat iron. The beauty products aren’t that expensive and fall into the mid price bracket while the styling products such as the low dry and the flat iron are quite expensive at over a hundred dollars. However, a good thing about these products is that they are not tested on animals and a part of the proceeds go to looking after animals with the help of Wild Aid.

5. It is not always style and glamor in the life of David Babaii as he is passionate about animals and works closely with WildAid, an NGO that works with governments to protect and save animals. He uses his celebrity status to do his best for the animals and bring their plight to light. His partnership with WildAd is called David Babaii for Wild Aid.

6. The business which he started with Kate Hudson came under fire when another company sued them for breaching confidentiality and also for stealing trade secrets from them. There was also much noise made about the authenticity of the eco-friendliness of the ingredients in their products.

David Babaii does not just do people’s hair but each creation of his is a work of art. This is evident from the many magazine photo shoots and the many celebrities who want to get their hair done by him. To be wanted by actresses both in America and across the Atlantic is something not everyone can achieve.

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