5 Tips on How to Wear Shimmer MakeUp

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Makeup trends keep changing very year. But one thing that has more or less remained constant over the years is shimmer makeup. Shimmer makeup gives that slight and subtle glow to your skin and comes especially handy when you want a night out or when you have not had enough rest and it shows on your face. Using shimmer can also be a tricky affair. Too little and it won’t be seen and a little too much and you would look like you have been made up to star in a princess show. Applying shimmer can be mastered after some practice. Here are some tips to make it much easier.

1. Know the difference between shimmer and frost

It is easy to get confused between shimmer and frost. Shimmer is powdery and lightweight and frost is opaque and heavy. If you want shimmer makeup and the result to be good, then you will have to stick with shimmer and not go for frost. Frost can never give you the same look as shimmer.

2. Use a brush only for applying shimmer onto your face

A basic rule in makeup is never to mix up your brushes and this applies to shimmer as well. You do not want to get your other stuff mixed with shimmer as this will end up making your face look like a canvas with different colors.

3. Blend well

If you want your shimmer makeup to look good, there is just the one rule which you must absolutely follow. It is blend, blend and blend well. Shimmer looks its best the more you blend it. If you are not comfortable using a brush or if you cannot find the right brush, use your hand and blend the shimmer well with your foundation or any other base you have applied.

4. Always apply shimmer after you have applied the foundation

You cannot expect shimmer to gloss over every imperfection in your face. You need to apply foundation to get an even look on your face. Also shimmer when applied without a foundation starts to get flaky once you sweat. It will also look less natural and it can be quite obvious that you have applied shimmer on your face.

5. Keep it to a minimum

When it comes to shimmer makeup, the lesser the makeup, the better it is. Do not go overboard with the shimmer. If you are applying shimmer on your cheeks, go easy on the eyes. You do not want to go around blinding people or look like a mannequin. Also stay away from shimmery nail polish if you are going to apply shimmer on the face. Too much shimmer everywhere spoils the effect. Also keep your clothes in a matte finish so that they do not clash with your makeup.

Makeup is to make you look good and feel more confident about yourself. Do not overdo it. It not only makes you look made up, but it can also be difficult to maintain without a lot of touch-ups.

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