12 Ways a Desk Job can Harm Your Body

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A desk job is all most working women have these days. Due to the advancement of technology, less and less manual labor is being required in almost every field. And so, people who basically oversee, manage and supervise are more in demand. And those are the kinds of jobs people are getting these days. Seldom would a job require you to run, jump or indulge in any physical activity whatsoever. Of course, many of us find it relieving. After all, you are behind closed doors, in an air conditioned environment and at your desk doing your job without having to run around for anything. It may be convenient, but it definitely is not good for you. Research has shown that sitting down for a prolonged duration can cause more harm to your body than smoking. In fact, if you have a job where you just have to sit down in front of a computer for long hours, the chances of you dying young are greater than someone who runs around a lot and smokes packs of cigarettes every day. Sitting down affects your body is more ways than one. Listed below are the top 12 ways a desk job can harm your body.

1. Exposure to pollution

According to a study, the air inside an office is almost 100 times more polluted than air outside. The reason being that you are constantly exposed to a number of unhealthy gases, harmful chemicals, toxic particles and disease causing bacteria and mold which is everywhere in the office air that you breathe. If you have a desk job, this is the air that you are inhaling day after day.

2. Lung disease

The copy machines and the printers that you have in your office may be very helpful, but they are also causing harm to your body slowly. These machines give out harmful ozone gases which, even in very small quantities, can cause irritation and chest pain. When these particles enter your bloodstream, they can lead to lung disease.

3. Cardiovascular problems

Research has shown that working long hours at office, especially sitting at the desk continuously throughout, increases the risk of heart diseases and other cardiovascular ailments by almost 60%.

4. Reproductive health

If you have the habit of sitting with your laptop on your lap, you should stop immediately. The heat from your laptop is very harmful for your body. It can not only cause skin problems, but can also adversely affect your reproductive organs.

5. Eye strain

Staring at the computer screen continuously can cause serious harm to your vision. Your eyes are repeatedly focusing on the image or text you are looking at, and the various other things on the screen which are moving non-stop. You may also experience migraine and headaches due to this kind of eye strain.

6. Headache

When you are seated at one place, you are continuously exposed to the brightness of the computer screen as well as the bright lights in your office. This over illumination harms your eye and it also disrupts your body clock. This can cause high blood pressure and fatigue, along with serious headache.

7. Stress related ailments

The amount of stress you have to handle is sometimes too much at a workplace. And if you do not have the scope to let off some steam by moving around a bit, your body becomes even stiffer trying to cope with the stress. This brings along many stress-related ailments like headache, indigestion and so on.

8. Boredom

A desk job is very, very boring. If all you have to do is sit at one place all day long, you really have nothing to look forward to. How much will you read emails and surf the internet for information you do not need and are not interested in? In the end, boredom sets in and you slowly become a victim of depression. Studies have shown that people who are bored at their workplace are more likely to suddenly die of heart disease or stroke.

9. Food poisoning

Food poisoning is more likely to happen in your workplace than anywhere outdoors. The amount of disease causing microorganisms found on office equipment like keyboard, printer, copy machine and so on are almost five times as many as are found in a bathroom. And these are harmful bacteria which cause food poisoning and also some kinds of infections.

10. Carpel tunnel syndrome

Most of us work on the computers these days. Typing too much on the computer keyboard has been seen to have caused a disease called carpel tunnel syndrome or CTS. This is caused by strain in your wrist and pain which can go up to your arm. CTS can eventually lead to nerve damage and therefore continuous typing on the keyboard without break should be avoided.

11. Repetitive strain injury

If the mouse is at the same spot all day, you can develop repetitive strain injury or RSI on your upper limb because they have been in the same position for a long time and have repeated the same movement over and over again straining the tendons. Overuse of smart phones can also cause RSI.

12. Obesity

When you have a desk job, you are more likely to eat more fast food as it is easier to get, does not require you to prepare anything and it also satiates your taste buds for the moment. But what it also does is add to the fat content in your body. Most of these fast foods contain saturated fats and are high in calories – all of which only add on to the fat accumulated in your body. This eventually leads to obesity and related ailments.

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