10 Interesting Facts About Bruno Mars

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Bruno Mars is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, choreographer and voice actor. Coming from a family of musicians, he started performing at a very young age, and went on to become one of the most loved artists all over the world. Here are some interesting facts about him, which you probably aren’t aware of.

1. His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, but in an interview to GQ magazine, the artist’s father had revealed that he had nicknamed his son after the professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino. He mentioned how Mars used to resemble the wrestler as a child, especially when he was chubby. The ‘Mars’ bit was added to his name when girls used to say that he was ‘out of this world’, so he took inspiration from the planet of the same name!

2. He was an Elvis impersonator, and had the nickname of ‘Little Elvis’ as a child. He used to perform in costumes and hair similar to that of Elvis at various places. In fact, Pauly Shore had interviewed him, and it seemed quite clear that time that this kid would grow up to become a huge star.

3. Bruno came from a family that loved music. His mother was a Hula dancer, while his father was a percussionist, and interestingly, they had both met at a show. They had a family band, ‘The Love Notes’, which Bruno joined at the age of 4, and used to perform with them around five days in a week.

4. While the sign up with Atlantic Records opened up a lot of avenues for him, it had taken almost 3 years for his manager to convince the company to do that.

5. Mars has been nominated for a total of 18 Grammy Awards and had won one at the 53rd Grammy Awards as Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Just the Way You Are”. He won another one at the 56th Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album for ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’.

6. In September 2010, Bruno was arrested for possession of cocaine. He was carrying around 2.6 grams and had pleaded guilty. The charge was cleared when he had finished off community service for some time.

7. Bruno Mars was the one who had written for Cee Lo Green’s hit song, ‘F*** You’.

8. Bruno’s favorite dish is Chicken Adobo, which happens to be the national dish of Philippines.

9. Bruno is one of the two artists to ever have a number one song that had featured only vocals and piano. The other happens to be Adele.

10. Mars had partnered with the Hawai’i Community Foundation and the GRAMMY Foundation to start a fund that could help musicians of the next generation with financial assistance (depending on need-based applications) for people from Hawai’i.

Indubitably, one of the most versatile and talented artists of all time, Bruno Mars has broken many records and has a raging fan following all over the world. As per Billboard, he happens to be the 12th Richest Musician in the world (as of 2013). Let’s hope to get many more great songs from this talented artist, who was also the voice of Roberto in the 2014 film, Rio 2.

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