6 Ways How Meditation Helps Beat Stress

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Meditation is recommended to everyone these days because of the sheer number of cases that come up today of those dealing with stress, tension and depression. In order to beat stress, the most apt thing to do is practice meditation every day. This is because meditation has a number of soothing effects on your mind as well as body. It helps you in many ways and prevents you from falling prey to the bad effects of everyday worry and stress. Listed here are 6 ways how meditation helps beat stress.

1. Regularizes your breathing

Meditation is all about breathing. The basis of meditation is to breathe deeply and in proper resonation with your body. This helps in regularizing your breathing and this helps in a number of ways. You never feel short of breath. Also, a lot of pains like muscle soreness, headache and so on are relieved when you breathe deeply. This eliminates the physical effects of stress.

2. Improves concentration

Meditation helps your mind to focus on the thing or matter most important to you. You do not get distracted easily and are able to concentrate in a much better way. Whether it is study or work, you will be able to accomplish more and be more productive if you meditate on a regular basis. Thus, you will also easily evade unwanted stress.

3. Gives you control over your emotions

When you meditate, you never lose control over your emotions. Your emotions never get the better of you because your mind and body is now in perfect harmony with each other. What you feel, you know and you never feel that you are losing control or that you would break down. As this is a side effect of too much stress, being able to handle this will go a long way in dealing with stress in general.

4. Reduces pain

Since you breathe deeply during meditation, you inhale a larger quantity of oxygen, and thus more oxygen reaches your bloodstream and eventually to all other parts of your body as well. A good blood circulation prevents the sensation of pain or soreness and this helps beat the effects of stress massively.

5. Changes how your brain works

The way your brain is structured and works can undergo some significant changes once you start meditating. Research has shown that those who meditate have their IQ levels increased and denser grey matter over a period of just a few months. Thus, your brain will be more capable of handling stress related issues and solve problems more easily.

6. Helps fight depression

And finally, meditation calms down your body and mind and your brain releases some feel good chemicals which promote an overall well-being. These chemicals help prevent depression related symptoms and thus help beat stress most effectively.

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