9 Tips to Dress Right for an Interview

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Being well dressed is very essential for an interview. It’s said that ‘First impression is the last impression’ and that is why you have to be certain to get the attire right before you step out of home for an interview. Whether it is for the position of a company’s CEO or a receptionist, you have to look visually appealing. How you are dressed speaks volumes about your personality. Most often if you are shabbily dressed but have an impeccable resume you may still not get the job you wanted. Check out the following tips on how to dress for an interview.

1. Consider your job location

If you are looking out for a job in a casual place like the local library then a sweater and jeans is perfect to wear. However, remember to put on those formals if your interview is at an MNC or a corporate firm. You can opt for a business suit, or a pencil skirt and formal blouse together with a short blazer.

2. Choose your shoes carefully

It is a must to very carefully choose your footwear for an interview. You can wear open toed sandals or even pumps. Make sure the shoes that you wear are comfortable. Do not wear heels that are very high and which you have trouble walking in. You could also wear ballerinas or loafers if heels and sandals are not your cup of tea.

3. Avoid revealing or shabby clothes

Make sure you do not wear a miniskirt to an interview. The general rule is that skirts should fall just at the knees or lower, if possible. Revealing outfits send out the wrong message! Check your outfits for holes and tears in them. Do not wear something that is wrinkled and has stains on it.

4. Wear minimal makeup

It is important to put a little amount of makeup before going for an interview. You could use light weight compact, mascara, kohl, a little dab of blush on your cheeks and some lip gloss. It is best not to go too over the top. This will make you look simple and elegant at the same time. Loud makeup with bright colored eye shadow is a big no-no.

5. Be careful with the perfume

Do not overdo the perfume. Do not spray too much as you will be diverting the attention from your interview to your scent. Just put enough on your pulse points. Choose a floral or a fruity fragrance.

6. Manage your hair

Get your hair trimmed or styled before an interview if possible. Do not leave your hair open or messy. Tie it neatly in a ponytail or a bun. Well kept hair can speak volumes about you. Also ensure that you hair is swept away from your face.

7. Choose the right color for your nails

Make sure that your nails are neatly cut and filed. You can paint them in a color that matches your outfit. Do not go for bright neon nail paints unless and until you are interviewing for a fashion house.

8. Wear the correct fashion accessories

Wearing the correct type of jewelry is very important. A simple bracelet, a ring and a watch are more than enough. If you are wearing big earrings then you can skip the bracelet or vice versa. Keeping it simple is the key.

9. Don’t forget to carry the essentials

Last but not the least carry a smart handbag and your portfolio. Make sure that your bag is not bulky or overstuffed. You can also carry a silk scarf to add that extra oomph factor to your appearance as well as a compact mirror to check that your hair and makeup is in place.

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