7 Underrated Accessories Which can be Used More Often

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It’s not only important to dress well, nowadays, a woman needs to have her accessories in place as well to be termed as stylish and chic. Accessories such as handbags, fancy shoes, earrings, rings and necklaces have got their due attention. But there are many other accessories languishing in the darkness of people’s memories and they need to be given attention for they are real head turners. It’s unfair to underrate these following 7 accessories and you would appear fashion forward if you use them as often as you use the others.

1. A good black cardigan or jacket

This is one fashion accessory which has been seriously underrated. Almost every woman owns a plain black cardigan or jacket and uses it frequently but hardly ever is it actually acknowledged as a vital item of usage. It helps to cover up pudgy arms while letting you enjoy the feeling of wearing a scrappy top.

2. Brooches

Brooches look incredibly classy, think European royalty. It’s the accessory of the new age princes, duchess and queen, and it’s quite a surprise how it has not been given its rightful due. A brooch adds an old world feminine charm to a plain top.

3. Anklets

Much like amulets, even anklets have been out at the back burner of fashion items. It’s high time you show how different you are in terms of fashion by standing a class apart with anklets. They look especially funky when teamed with tribal or Indian print outfits or 3/4th capris, skirts that end just below the ankles or even short dresses.

4. Belts

Belts are unfortunately not given as much importance as they should be given. There are a huge variety of belts out there such as obi belts, clinchers, jewel studded belts, etc. Belts look the most elegant on women who have slim waists. The best way to use belts is to accentuate your waistline by latching them on top of a long top over stockings, skinny jeans or leggings.

5. Amulets

Many people have probably never even heard of amulets. These are like bracelets for the upper arms and look really sensuous on toned arms. In fact if you have a bit of fat in your upper arms or as they call it, ‘bat wings’, even then amulets can be sported for they actually make the arms appear slimmer. Never commit the fashion faux pas of wearing 2 amulets, that is one on each hand; wear only 1 amulet on any arm.

6. Scarfs

A scarf is probably the only accessory which can be used to complement the hair as well as the body. More women ought to use scarves because it looks uber stylish when worn around the neck or even when wrapped around the head as a bandana to cover up for a bad hair day.

7. Barrettes

Many ladies are under the misconception that barrettes are for little girls only. Agreed that they are fashion accessories for those who are on the better side of 30, so then why are women in their 20′s shying away from it? They add cuteness, prettiness and innocence to the whole look and keep your hair in place as well, so what’s not to love about them?

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