6 Ways to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

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An organization’s overall performance depends on good teamwork. This can only be possible if all employees work in harmony to achieve common goals efficiently by maximizing their joint efforts. Here are some effective ways to improve teamwork at your workplace.

1. Organize team events frequently

Teamwork will naturally increase if all team members take part in events other than work related. From indoor games to outdoor games to competitions, there are many ways in which you can organize weekly, fortnightly or monthly events in which all employees can come together and have some fun. Doing this will ensure that the team members have an opportunity to bond, other than on work related tasks, schedules and projects.

2. Have periodic awards for teamwork

You can motivate entire teams to work better in harmony by having monthly or yearly awards for best teamwork. This will push all employees to put aside their differences and work towards a common incentive. When a team wins the teamwork award, other teams will also work harder to make their teamwork more efficient so that they can win the award too.

3. Have a manager or boss give an inspiring pep talk

A pep talk can do wonders to a team’s morale. That is the reason why the captain of a sports team generally gives the entire team a pep talk just before a game. A manager can also improve team work by giving team members a pep talk from time to time. Some motivational points to include in the pep talk can be weekly targets, performance reviews, appreciation for good work and future team goals.

4. Allocate tasks equally

Particular team members may be feeling tired and dull because there is an overburden of work on them. This can cause problems between them and lead to a team member feeling discriminated. This problem can be solved and teamwork can be improved by appropriate allocation of tasks so that there is equal burden on all team members. A sense of equality will make every team member feel that he or she is being treated fairly on all grounds.

5. Addressing HR issues urgently

Employee moral will go down immediately if human resources issues are not addressed immediately. Teamwork will increase automatically if employees feel that they are an asset to the company. They should feel that the company is looking after their needs in all possible ways. This can only be done by ensuring that all HR issues are sorted out by qualified HR staff or managers immediately, whether it is a complaint about discrimination or a casual rumor about workplace policy violations by certain team members.

6. Reprimand team members who try to create interpersonal rifts

In any group, there are chances that there will be one person who will try to create problems between two other people. Managers should keep an eye out for such employees and talk with them immediately at the slightest of concerns. They should be clearly told that their nasty tactics will not be tolerated and a stern warning should be given. All other team members should also be warned so that they don’t come under the influence of such a manipulative co-worker.

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