6 Awesome Reasons to Eat Chocolate

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Do you love greedily biting into a gooey piece of chocolate? Do you reach for a chocolate bar when you are depressed? Do you think chocolates make for great gifts? If you desperately need some reasons to eat chocolate, here are some awesome ones to help you bite into your favorite chocolate without feeling guilty.

1. Eating chocolate may prevent heart disease

Chocolate is rich in flavonoids. This is a type of antioxidant that helps in preventing the occurrence of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are known to increase the ageing process and also affect the heart. Flavonoids can increase the strength and flexibility of veins and arteries which help the cardiovascular system to function well. It also reduces LDL or low cholesterol which leads to better health for the heart.

2. Eating chocolate can keep you in a happy mood

Wouldn’t life be easy if you could eat something to get into a good mood? Chocolate is known to offer such benefits. Chocolate is said to increase the production of endorphins when consumed. Endorphins are the hormones that are responsible to keep you happy and elated. Chocolate is also known to release the hormone serotonin which is an anti-depressant. That is the reason many women feel like reaching for chocolate whenever they feel low or depressed.

3. Chocolate is good for the skin

One of the interesting reasons to eat chocolate is to get good skin. The presence of flavonoids in chocolate is known to be responsible for protecting skin from harmful effects of stress by preventing collagen breakdown. They are also said to protect the skin from UV damage and faster ageing. Flavonoids increase blood flow in the skin which can make it look younger and it could also be responsible for smooth texture of skin. This could also be the reason why chocolate massages have found worldwide popularity.

4. Chocolate keeps you agile

Chocolate is made of cocoa beans which contain caffeine. One of the commonly known qualities of caffeine is that it acts as a stimulant. Caffeine consumption in the form of coffee or chocolate can keep you awake and alert. The caffeine boost can make you feel more agile, active and bubbly. So if you want to be on your toes, it could be a good reason for you to eat chocolate.

5. Chocolate may prevent obesity

Eating chocolate in reasonable amounts is being linked to prevention of obesity. Chocolate is known to release compounds in the body which can increase metabolism. And a high metabolism rate means having a reduced tendency to put on weight. Although there is no certified proof of this, you could try eating chocolate to be slim. But be very cautious and consider taking the opinion of your qualified dietician if you have any existing conditions or questions.

6. Eating chocolate can increase longevity

Because of all the reasons mentioned above which include fighting heart disease, reducing stress, releasing mood enhancing hormones and reducing obesity, chocolate is said to increase overall longevity of a person. Many researchers are trying to prove the direct connection between chocolate consumption and an increased lifespan.

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