8 Steps to Organize Your Purse

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Do you often have trouble finding something in your purse? If yes, then you are one of those women who don’t have well organized purses. Usually, some small items find a permanent space for themselves at the bottom of your purse. This makes you find a particular item for several minutes. All this can be embarrassing when you are standing with a couple of people. So, it is now time to organize your purse. Here are some tips which will help you organize a messy purse.

1. Buy a spacious purse

If you don’t have a purse or if you are looking for a new one, make sure that you go for the one having enough pockets. Your purse may have one or two main compartments but it must have inner pockets to keep cash, coins, mobile phone, etc. Go for a purse that has pockets on its inner as well as outer side.

2. Take one hour out of your schedule

You can organize your bag within one hour. So, take out an hour of your schedule on a weekday or a weekend and start organizing your bag. Pick some zippered pouches and make sure they are all of different sizes.

3. Empty the purse and discard the things you don’t need

Now, take everything out of the purse and put it out on a flat surface. Pick the items you don’t need anymore and throw them away. A lot of women keep old receipts, notes and paper pieces in their wallet. Some of them forget that their purse even has empty snack wrappers and used tissues in it. So, take out all these items and throw them in a trash can.

4. Check if your bag’s lining has any holes

A messy bag usually has crumbs that need to be thrown out. So, hold your purse upside down and pull its lining out. Shake the purse to remove all the dirt and crumbs. If your purse has a hole then these crumbs may have gone under it. So, clean the purse properly and sew all the holes of its lining.

5. Create different groups of items

You can sort the items and make different groups depending on the category of these items. For instance, you can make a group of cosmetics, a group of medicines, a group of stationary items, a pile of all the cards and a pile of keys. Don’t forget to keep out those items which you don’t use on a regular basis.

6. Organize your wallet

This is a challenging but necessary step. You must clean your wallet before you put it back into your well organized purse. So, take all the items out of your wallet, throw the things you don’t need and sort all the cards by category. You must keep the driver’s license, debit cards, rewards cards, loyalty cards and gift cards separately. Also, sort money by denomination and put it back into the wallet. Use a separate change purse for coins and keep it in the inner pocket of your purse.

7. Use a zippered pouch to avoid any confusion

Keep your cosmetics, medicines, gum, etc. in appropriate-sized zippered pouches. These pouches help you avoid having multiple loose items which can fall to the bottom of your purse.

8. Put everything back in the purse

Now, put all the remaining items and pouches back in the purse. An ideal purse has two outside pockets. Use one pocket for your cell phone and the other one for your keys.

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