5 Reasons You Should Eat More Beans

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Beans are loaded with nutritional value. It is like a super power food for vegans. Being low in calories, they can be consumed in any form. Green beans in salads provide with a daily dose of vitamins and minerals as required by the body. Kidney beans and soy beans are good for overall immunity of the body. Here are 5 reasons you should eat more Beans.

1. Super source of protein

Do you know that beans are rich in protein content? So, consuming beans can provide you with your daily dose of protein for the body. Actually, different types of beans have different protein content. It is believed that plant foods have a higher amount of protein, so consumption of green beans in your daily diet is important. Other forms of beans also provide you with good protein content, but that solely depends on your way of intake. Soy beans, Lima and kidney beans are also high on protein content.

2. Good in source of calcium

As contrary to popular belief, beans are excellent in source of calcium for the body. Intake of beans is good for women who suffer from joint related pains and aches. It also helps to prevent the condition of arthritis in women. Green beans are good for muscle related pains and aches. Being good in calcium, they are also good for overall digestion of the body. If you suffer from the problem of acidity, then intake of green beans is healthy. Green beans help to keep the body alkaline and not acidic, which also helps in the digestion process.

3. Good in potassium

Beans are good in source of potassium, which helps to support cardiovascular health. A recent study has proved that potassium in beans helps to cut the risk of strokes by up to twenty percent. It also helps to prevent high blood pressure in the body, which is again good for the heart health. Being rich in potassium, it also helps to lower the bad cholesterol level of the body. Beans are good because they help to prevent the risk of unhealthy heart rhythms, which is again a major cause of heart diseases in the body.

4. Good in source of vitamin B

Are you aware that vitamin B plays a very important role in the development of brain cells? Beans have a high content of vitamin B which is required by the body. Intake of beans would help to maintain brain health and nerve cells. It would also help to increase your concentration level to a good extent. Vitamin B is also good for normal functioning of skin cells thus; it helps to maintain a healthy skin texture. It promotes healthy digestion in the body and prevents chronic constipation in many cases. It is good for overall immunity of the body.

5. Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are not only good for the body but also for your heart. As beans are rich in anti oxidants, they help in proper digestion process. They are also rich in beta carotene, which is good for your eye vision. Some kinds of beans are rich in vitamin C. Now; vitamin C intake helps to increase the immune power of the body and prevents the risk of cold and flu. Antioxidants are also good to maintain your skin’s shine. You may well look younger with the consumption of beans in your daily diet plan.

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