6 Food Cravings and What They Mean

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Ever woken up in the idle of the night and raided the fridge or caught yourself dreaming of food while at work or in class. It is not hunger but a craving for a specific food. You can crave for a lot of foods and each craving denotes that your body is sending you a message. Food craving does not only mean that you are hungry or emotionally distressed. It could also mean that your body is sending you signals to give it something that you have been denying it for long. Here are some food cravings and what they could possibly mean.

1. Fried chicken

A craving for fried chicken could mean that you either are lacking in protein or that you long for something. Fried chicken is a comfort food and you might be depressed or missing something. Food acts as a substitute and makes good company when you are lonely and if you are craving fried chicken it might mean you want something or someone who you have been missing.

2. Chocolate

Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac. Craving for chocolate could mean two things. You are either low on your blood sugar levels or you are craving for someone. Having a bar of chocolate or candy will not only life up your spirits but it will also give you the required sugar levels to keep you energetic. Do not go overboard with chocolate as it could soon turn into an addiction.

3. Ice cream

Craving for ice cream could mean you are deficient in calcium and would rather prefer to get it from ice cream than from milk. It could also mean that you are sad and looking for some comfort in food. Ice cream has long been a favorite comfort food and has helped many a woman get over her depression over failed relationships. Just make sure you do not develop a relationship with ice cream.

4. Meat

A craving for a juicy steak or any meat could mean that you are low on protein and carbohydrates. It could also mean that you have been going without meat for a fairly long time and your teeth are sending you signal that they need something to chew on other than vegetables and fruits.

5. Fruits

Sometimes you can have an unexplainable craving for fruits. Wanting to eat fruits means that you are low on fiber and moisture in your body. If you are suffering from constipation, your body might be sending you signals that it needs fiber to send everything from your stomach out as soon as possible.

6. Rice and spicy food

Wanting to eat rice could mean that you have not been getting your regular dose of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a must for a healthy meal and you should get enough of it even while you are dieting. A craving for spicy food can mean that you have been eating bland food for too long and that your palette needs a change from the regular boring food.

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