5 Reasons You Should Avoid Using Facebook In Office

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There is a reason that your life in the office is called your professional life and anything outside of it is called your personal life. You go to an office to work and get paid for whatever you do at the workplace. Although socializing in the workplace is important, not many companies favor it and have policies that actively discourage its employees form spending too much time talking or chatting to each other. Facebook, unless you are using it for your business is something very personal; it has details about your personal life that you do not want everyone to know. Many offices block Facebook and even if it is not blocked there are reasons you should not be using it during office time. Here are some reasons you should avoid using Facebook in office.

1. Using Facebook in the office means that you are not doing work

When you are busy checking your friend’s pictures or updates or updating your profile on Facebook, it shows clearly that you are not working in the office and that you are wasting your time on something else. This can have a negative impact on the way you are looked at in your workplace. Not only will you not be taken seriously but your chances of promotion and pay hike will also be hurt if you use Facebook in your office.

2. There are some aspects of your life that are best kept away from your colleagues

Although you may think that your colleagues are your friends and that you are pretty comfortable with each other, at the end of the day they are people you work with. What they see in your Facebook will not be kept private and they will definitely share it with other people in the office. You really do not want your vacation pictures to be ogles at by your colleagues and neither do you want your bosses to see that you are a hardcore party animal in the weekends.

3. A lot of offices monitor their employees’ computers

There are a lot of offices that monitor their employee’s computers during work hours. You do not want to get caught on Facebook when you should be working. It would be very difficult to explain to human resources and your boss as to why you found it important to be on Facebook instead of a project you were supposed to work on.

4. Facebook can be very addictive and you can lose track of your time

Some offices are quite cool about you browsing other websites or Facebook while at work. It is not a problem to them as they realize that you need to unwind at times too. But in these cases there are chances that you might get carried away with all the interesting things on Facebook and lose track of time. Time spent on Facebook could be valuable time spent on work.

5. A lot of companies look at your Facebook profile before they hire you

And this may continue even after you have been hired. They will know if you have been working on your profile during office hours and it definitely won’t make a good impression on your bosses if you waste time showing off people your weekend pictures.

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