5 Ways to Spend Less Time on Facebook During Office

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Since the time Facebook has come into our lives, it has become a popular work-time enemy. Being extremely addictive by nature, it has been quite a factor in lowering people’s efficiency, and many people have admitted to wasting their time on it.

While it’s good to stay connected with your friends and also learn about their opinions on various things happening in the world, there’s always a limit one needs to set to the amount of time they spend on their ‘virtual social life’. And this is extremely important, especially when you are at work. If you’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook lately while being in office, here are some ways in which you can get rid of that and focus more on work instead.

1. Say no to multiple tabs

One of the main reasons for people to get tempted and distracted every now and then is to have Facebook logged in constantly on another tab in your browser. Instead, just keep your mailbox open. Don’t keep multiple tabs and don’t stay signed in all the time, so that you don’t get tempted to browse through your Facebook news feed.

2. Shut Notifications

Whenever you comment on a picture, leave it at just that. Switch off the notifications to avoid yourself from getting involved in the whole conversation of other people responding and commenting. Similarly, you don’t need notifications for every friend request you get, or every like or comment on your posts. You could just go to Facebook at the end of the day and see all the notifications in one go, rather than going every now and then with every new alert, which can be quite distracting and unproductive.

3. Talk to colleagues

How about making real conversations at work? If you have free time, socialize with people at work rather than chatting with people online! Go over to the cafeteria and make friends with people from other departments over a cup of coffee. Spend your breaks in the real world rather than the virtual world!

4. Reduce Games

Some people end up going to Facebook more often because of the games there. How about not playing those games? Or even if you want to, how about playing those games on your phone or tablet after work? The more games you play, the more friend requests you will receive in order to get a bigger farm or more lives! And that means that you’ll be tempted more often to check other things also, such as who got into an affair with whom and who ate what for lunch! Really, your day will go just as smooth even without that information!

5. Avoid posting about every activity

You will have to do this consciously. There is no need to tell the world about every damn activity of yours, ranging from checking in to various places to sharing pictures to posting about your moods. The less you post, the less interactions are bound to happen. And the less reactions you get from people, lesser will be the number of times you visit Facebook to respond to them. That will automatically reduce your Facebook time.

When you make this kind of an effort for a few days, you will realize that life is actually quite better when you cut out the virtual space and meet real people! It’s a lot simpler to manage things that way, and you will also be able to focus a lot more on work and be more productive and efficient. Take up more work if you feel you have a lot of free time in hand, but avoid getting caught in this vicious cycle of Facebook notifications and alerts!

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