7 Kinds of Coworkers You Will Find in Every Workplace

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Just when you thought you were done dealing with unnecessary people all through school and college, you were proved wrong when you started working. The workplace is not that different from a classroom where you find all sorts of people whom you have to put up with in order to do well and have a peaceful existence in the institution. These are the kinds of people you will fortunately or unfortunately encounter at most workplaces.

1. The best friend

This guy or girl is your savior at the workplace. You wonder what you would have done at work without them as they seem to be the only ones sane in a workplace filled with weird people. You feel low if they don’t turn up one day for work and literally depressed if they decide to leave.

2. The gossip king or queen

We all are more than familiar with this species of coworker who indulges in gossiping more than actually working. This one is in the know about everyone’s lives and hanging out with him or her is actually a lot of fun as you feel like you are reading a daily gossip filled tabloid. However, they can’t be trusted as tomorrow you could end up being the butt of his or her gossipy talks.

3. The hard worker

This employee would get the Most Dedicated to work award if there ever was any such award. He or she comes to work before time, leaves after everyone and is constantly poring over the computer screen. They hardly take breaks and seem to have fallen in love with their work, how much ever monotonous it may seem. Also, they hardly take leaves and are teased by others to take it easy.

4. The fire starter

The fire starter is a negative person who is ever ready to create misunderstandings and make someone turn against another. This woman or man is actually pretty evil but manages to portray a diplomatic stance in front of all. If you are working at a workplace, you are probably identifying with this article and thinking about that fire starter in your office whom no one but you seem to suspect.

5. The boss’ favorite

We all know that people in positions of power like to play favorites. There was the school teacher’s pet and the blue eyed boy or girl of the college professor. Similarly, the workplace has the boss’ favorite who may or may not suck up to the boss but is still clearly loved more than the others.

6. The one who suggests fun activities or lightens the mood

This guy or girl can be classified as the Mr or Miss Congeniality of the office. They are loved by almost everyone since they are the ones who keep the atmosphere in the office always light and joyful. They suggest fun activities during and after office hours and somehow manage to make even the most hostile person their friend.

7. The non talker

This person is perennially silent and you have rarely seen him or her open his mouth to talk. Besides keeping the professional talk to a minimum, this person prefers to listen to others, read a book, play video games on the PC or do anything than talk.

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