5 Signs You are a Pushover at Work

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It is human nature to like it when you are appreciated by someone else for a job you have done. This situation however can be turned against you as well. Just because you cannot say a no and always want to please others so that you are liked by everyone, people might take advantage of it. Before you know, you have transformed into a pushover. This is a very likely situation at a workplace. Here a few signs that you are a pushover.

1. Only you work long hours

At the end of a day if you find yourself overloaded with work on desk and your employees or colleagues are not working, it may be because you agreed to do their share of work only to please them. You need to get work out of them and not do their work.

2. Agree to all demands

If as a manager you agree to all the demands made by your employees and let every unwarranted action like coming late, long coffee and smoke breaks etc. go unnoticed, you are a pushover. Remember, you as a manager do not have to be pally with employees always.

3. Correct and cover up mistakes

If someone makes a mistake it is your responsibility to bring it to his/her notice and get it corrected. Covering up for them in front of superiors or correcting their mistakes is what a pushover does.

4. More people oriented than task oriented

If as a manager you make rules and take decisions keeping in mind only your employees and not the company policies and targets, it’s a sign you are trying to hard to please. This doesn’t mean you have to walk in the opposite direction from your employees but you need to be firm with regards to adherence to company directives.

5. Being disobeyed frequently

You issue certain orders and they are not stuck to or complied with. This happens frequently and you let it go. It could be as simple as not sticking to the dress code. Dominating the employees is not your answer, but you got to show them you are authority and you are here to do business.

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