11 Beach Accessories That Make You Look Sexy

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Whether you are going to the beach with friends or savoring cocktails at a poolside party, here’s how you can add style, oomph and sexiness to your look with 11 beach accessories.

1. Flip flops

Available in all types of bright colors and prints, flips flops are a must have beach accessory for every girl. Not only are they extremely convenient because you can shake off the sand easily, but they can also add a good deal of summery lightness to your look.

2. Sun hats

Sun hats made of jute, cotton, linen or straw with large rims are utility cum fashion items that you must carry if you plan to hit the beach this summer. Shield yourself form the harsh sun while you take your style quotient a level up with your attractive sun hat. Pick one with a floral brooch if you want to be adventurous with beach fashion.

3. Sarong

Plain and printed sarongs can be worn in multiple ways below the belt, above the torso or wrapped like a dress. Sarongs are useful beach accessories that you can cover up your swimsuit with, while you are strolling at the shore or chatting at a beachside cafe. Sarong is a beach accessory that can make even the simplest of swim wear look stylish.

4. Beach totes

Do you have many small things to carry to the beach such as sun block, a bottle of water, an extra pair of clothes, makeup and other miscellaneous items? Bright beach bags or designer totes are the perfect beach accessories that can be used to dump all your stuff while notching you up on the fashion scale.

5. Sunglasses

One accessory that you cannot go to the beach without is a pair of cool looking sunglasses. Whether you choose to use it to shield yourself against wind and strong sunlight or you use them to look suave, they are unavoidable. Pick frames that suit your facial structure and watch how they turn heads on the beach.

6. Stone / coral jewelry

Jewelry that goes best with swim wear is made out of stone or corals. Such type of chunky jewelry comes in a variety of beautiful colors which you can choose according to what you wear to the beach on a particular day. Stone studded jewelry can also add to the charm of your beautiful earthy look if you are planning to follow up your day on the beach with an evening soiree or have drinks with your friends.

7. A cover up

Kaftans, beach shorts, handkerchief dresses and cocktail dresses can be used as beach cover ups over a swimsuit. Cover ups are useful if you plan to hang around the beach the whole day. To avoid leaving your skin and body exposed to the sun and wind all day long, carry a cover up with you.

8. Head bands / Head scarves

Are you planning to get wet or surf on the beach? If yes, then you should carry a head band or a head scarf to protect your hair while staying fashionable. You can tie a head scarf with a knot at the back of your head or put on an elastic head band to stay protected but in style.

9. Beach basket

A perfect beach picnic with friends is incomplete without a beach basket. If you are planning to carry food and drinks to the beach you can load everything up in a cute little beach basket. Not only will it be useful in carrying stuff, but it will also look like a perfect complement for pictures of your day at the beach.

10. Beach mat/ towel

Would you fancy a beach towel with a large print of your favorite cartoon or would you like to lay on a striking red checkered beach mat? If you want to catch the attention of others on the beach while you lazily lounge around and apply sun block, carry a perky looking beach towel or mat.

11. Waterproof sports watch

If you are into water sports or other activities like surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling, a waterproof sports watch is a must have beach accessory. A watch can add a lot of personality to your look and wearing a waterproof sports watch may clearly show that you are the type of person who is cut out for adventure.

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