The Most Effective Morning Routine

Date:24-05-2013 07:50:07 read:7

Now that's efficient.

Remember: eggs, then legs. Eating breakfast before exercising in the morning could boost your mood and your memory, says a new British study.

When 12 men followed that routine in the morning, their measures of information processing, reaction time, mental fatigue, and tension all improved significantly—some by as much as 50 percent—compared to mornings when the guys exercised but skipped breakfast, or ate breakfast and skipped exercise.

Working out in the morning isn’t for everyone. Studies have shown some night owls are better off hitting the gym in the afternoon or evening. But if you prefer to get sweaty before tackling the day, preworkout grub increases your stores of glucose and glycogen—two forms of dietary energy your brain needs to stay upbeat and focused after exercise, says study coauthor Rachel Veasey, Ph.D., of Northumbria University.

While the guys in Veasey’s study ate 1/3 cup of carb-heavy oatmeal and 12 ounces of low-fat milk, studies show a wide range of foods can power your brain in the morning. Protein sources like eggs, Greek yogurt, and polyphenol-rich nuts are particularly effective brain boosters.

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