6 Tips to Display Your Passion at Work

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Sometimes it takes more than just university degrees and certificates to outshine your colleagues in the office. You need to literally stand out from the crowd if you want to be noticed by your superiors. Here is how you can display your passion at work.

1. Try to do things outside your work profile

Every employee has a work profile. This is the set of tasks and jobs you are supposed to do on a daily basis. If you want to show your passion, do things that are outside your work profile. This will be a signal to your boss that you are really passionate about learning new things in the office whether those tasks are in your designated set of duties or not.

2. Take work home to come up with new ideas

Employers really value employees who come up with new ideas which can be helpful to the organization in any way to increase profitability or make some of their processes more efficient. You may not get time to think about these things in your typical work day. But you can take some work home where you can think about an innovative idea without the distractions which are present in the office. Even a small idea which helps in making efficient use of company resources can help you showcase your passion and stand out in your office.

3. Never shirk responsibility

People who are really passionate about their work never shirk responsibility. They never stay away from doing a task because it seems too boring or it seems too difficult to do. Show your manager that you are passionate about your work by taking up every responsibility with a can-do attitude. Not only will your boss be highly impressed, but he will also see the inner passion and enthusiasm that you have for your work.

4. Give great customer service

It is commonly believed that the level of passion in an employee is often seen in the type of customer service he or she gives. Whether you are in a customer facing environment or not, treat anyone who needs your help in the office as your customer even if it is someone from another department who needs you to make a report. Offer the highest standard of customer service to all the internal and external parties you meet on a daily basis. Your passion for making your team and organization look good in front of others will clearly show through.

5. Never take no for an answer

Just because someone tells you that a job cannot be done, does not mean that you have to believe them. When it comes to the tasks you have been assigned or the targets you have been given, never take no for an answer from anyone. If someone is not willing to help you in finishing a task, pester them until they finally realize that you are not going to go away until your job is done. Your passion for your work will show through your persuasive nature and your commitment at getting something achieved at any cost.

6. Overlook minor issues for the end goal

It is very easy to spot passionate employees in a workplace, do you know why? Because they will let go of minor issues and hurdles to seek out and achieve bigger goals. You can also adopt this attitude and stop getting frustrated over minor issues at office. Don’t let little disagreements or small roadblocks dishearten you. Rather, focus on the bigger picture, which is the end goal of a task or a job. Your managers will instantly see how you are showing your passion by adopting maturity in your attitude at work.

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