5 Signs You’re Stuck in a Dead End Job

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A dead end job is like a bad marriage. The longer you stay, the more worthless you feel. Repercussions of a stuck up career is felt for long if you fail to make the switch when needed. The job market may think of your inability to shift as signs of lack of motivation and proactiveness or adaptability in a new company. However, just like a complex personal relationship such as marriage, the worrying signs of a dead end job may not be on your face. More often than not, there are subtle clues and giveaways that you need to pay heed to as an employee. Check out these five signs that you’re stuck in a dead end job.

1. You feel tired even before you reach the office

Almost everyone feels a lack of energy at the beginning of the week, known as the Monday blues. But when Mondays roll into Thursdays and you still feel like the most unhappy person on earth, it’s time you stop blaming yourself for “laziness” or “lack of motivation”. Take stock of what’s really bothering you. This is a sure sign you are very unhappy with your job.

2. Your job doesn’t challenge you any more

Yes, the pay is good and you’ve got comfortable. However the job has become as boring as it could get. It’s almost as if you can get things done even though you were absent. While some individuals will feel safe in a job as this one, this is a dangerously unsafe situation to be in. If your job doesn’t challenge you any more, it means you are not growing in your job. No extra skill or expertise is being added to your resume.

3. Your job doesn’t fulfill your long term career goal

What would you be doing in the next five years? Would you still like to be in the same job and position you are in? If not, does your present role serve the purpose of gradually taking you where you want to be? If answers to these questions are a clear “no”, you are in a dead end job.

4. Your boss’ behavior has changed

Does your boss behave in a strange way around you lately? Do you hardly get to see him/her? And most of your communications have come down to curt emails compared to face to face conversations before? If you are not designated with a new project or responsibility, if there’s no mention of a long awaited promotion, you are in a dead end job. You may try and shift to a new department, but if that’s not possible, do take a long view and quit when you can with your professional reputation intact.

5. Your skill sets are not tapped

Your job has become a routine that no longer excites you. You have tried to re-invent your job role and you are done suggesting to your manager that you can do more. But it simply doesn’t seem to work with them no matter how smartly you put your case across. If you feel constantly unappreciated for the effort you put, and the manager seems to ignore your carefully thought after suggestion, it is a sure sign you are in a dead end job.

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