6 Signs You are Having an Emotional Affair

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When you don’t get emotional support and love from someone you want, you may tend to look for it outside your relationship. You may get attracted to someone who fulfills your emotional needs. Such a relationship is termed as an emotional affair. Here are signs you are having an emotional affair.

1. You share secrets with him

When you begin to share your secrets with this person and you don’t feel any hitch in doing so, it shows that you trust him. You become very comfortable around this person and you have a bond that you can easily share all your secrets but you can’t do so with your partner. This shows that you might possibly have an emotional affair.

2. You share problems with him

When you share your problems and difficulties with someone else but not your partner, this could be a sign of an emotional affair. You find it comforting to share your problems and it makes you feel better.

3. You feel care and affection towards him

When begin to care for someone and feel affectionate towards him, and if he seems to be more than a good friend, then it may be an emotional affair. You care about this person’s feelings, likes and dislikes. You have a lot of affection for him and you express it.

4. He makes you feel happy

When a guy other than your partner makes you feel happier and gives you reasons to be happy, then you probably have an emotional affair with him. Being around him and spending time with him makes you feel good.

5. You feel the constant need for his support

You feel the need of his support during rough times and for making important decisions. You take his advice and opinions for the important decisions of your life. You give him so much of importance that it gives him a crucial place in your life.

6. You call and message him often

You feel like hearing his voice. You never miss his call, no matter where you are. If he sends you good night or good morning messages, you look forward to receiving them every day.

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