7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Exciting

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While during the initial months a relationship might seem like a rosy picture, it is only with time that you realize that it requires constant nurturing to keep the magic alive. Every long-term relationship goes through a phase when you might feel that the romance has died. Here are some ways to keep your relationship exciting, irrespective of how long you have been together.

1. Have a get-together

You need not be only with each other all the time. It can work wonders for your relationship if you throw parties, go on double-dates, and just let other people in from time to time. You could have some common friends over, just to enjoy each other’s company in a group.

2. Break the monotony

Do you always go to the same restaurant? When on vacation, do you always go to the same hotel and the same room? These are little things that can make your relationship monotonous. Try a different restaurant, go to a different weekend getaway. Create some new memories together.

3. Give each other space

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Once in a while, have some time apart from each other. You could have a girl’s night out while he hangs out with his friends. This will give you a chance to miss each other and you will appreciate each other’s presence more in your life.

4. Surprise each other

You may know everything about each other but there is always room for some surprises. Show up at his work place one fine day or just ask him out on a coffee. Leave post-it notes around the house to let him know how much you love him. If he is away, you could go the old-fashioned way and write love letters to him.

5. Have date nights

Just because you have gone on numerous dates at the beginning of your relationship, does not mean that it has to stop in the long run. Dedicate a day completely to romance. Have a date night every week. Go out to a nice place, have a candle-lit dinner, hold hands, enjoy the music, and just be with each other.

6. Share your dreams

Just sit with each other and share your hopes and dreams. Share how you would want your life to be in the future or what is it that you hope to achieve. Imagining and discussing about having a better future together will bring you closer than ever.

7. Learn something new together

Join a salsa class, take a cooking lesson, learn to skate, or just go for some adventure sport. Make sure it is something that is new to both of you. This will give you a chance to share each other’s fears and new experiences. It will work like magic when it comes to rekindling the romance!

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