7 Reasons You are Constantly Losing Weight

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Are you losing weight constantly, without intentionally trying to do so? Is this weight loss very sudden, unexplained and rapid? Sometimes, our body can behave in ways that we don’t understand. There may be some factors affecting your weight, which you are not really able to identify easily. However, it’s important to find out why this weight loss is happening, so that you can prevent yourself from falling sick and becoming weak. Here are some of the reasons why you might be losing weight constantly.

1. Poor diet

When you are trying to lose weight intentionally, you need to follow a systematic and well-planned diet, to help you achieve your weight loss goals. However, if you are losing weight without any such conscious efforts, then may be it’s because you are not eating sufficient quantity and quality of food. Don’t be too happy with your weight loss (in case you were fat earlier and were hoping to reduce weight!), because any kind of changes in weight that happen because of a poor diet affect the body severely, and can make a person prone to illnesses and diseases.

2. Addictive habits

Are you a regular smoker or drinker? There is a chance that your constant weight loss is because of the fact that your body is turning weaker day by day. And this weakness can arise out of addiction to smoking and drinking, which prevents the nutrients and minerals in the body to do their job.

3. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes can often lead to increase or decrease in body weight. These changes can happen because of stress, improper diet, poor lifestyle, diseases and illnesses, and other related factors. Only a doctor will be able to analyze and explain what kind of hormonal changes your body is going through, so you will know what exactly is going wrong.

4. Disease or Illness

Certain infections, tumors, and other diseases and conditions such as AIDS or Cancer, can lead to constant weight loss. Sometimes, the factors causing weight loss and the symptoms of the disease don’t seem apparent in the beginning, but with a detailed medical test, one can get to know what condition is affecting their body.

5. Medication

If you’ve been on some kind of medication for a long time, then constant weight loss could be one of the side effects of the same. Ideally, you should consult your doctor on something like this, so that he/she is able to give you ways in which you can consume the medication to combat your illness, but also consume some foods simultaneously to avoid the weight loss.

6. Drug Abuse

If you’ve been consuming drugs, which are non-prescribed, then you are not only on your way to becoming an addict, but you might also be losing weight constantly because of that. Never consume any drugs without any prescription or supervision, or else it can have serious effects on your health and body.

7. Psychological issues

Stress, anxiety, depression are some of the conditions that can lead to unexplained weight loss. Research has indicated that the mental and physical health of a person are closely linked. So it’s important to have a stress-free mind to have a good health.

When you start to notice constant weight loss in your body, you must also look for other signs such as that of nausea, constant headache, fever, and stomachache. That will give you some hint of what may be affecting your body. And as soon as you notice these symptoms, you must immediately get a checkup done from your doctor to find out what could be causing the weight loss. After all, prevention is always better than cure!

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