9 Ways to Manage Your Career and Your Home

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There comes a time in lives of most women when they have to choose between their home or their career. However, with some changes in your lifestyle, you might be able to do both. We give you some of the ways in which you can successfully manage your career and home.

1. Learn to multitask

If you wish to balance your work and your home life, you must learn how to multitask. This would require a great presence of mind, good focus, good judgment, and clarity of thought. For instance, while you make breakfast for the family, you could mentally make a plan of how who are going to approach an upcoming meeting.

2. Ensure that you spend some time with your kids

Keep aside some family time. Irrespective of what your work schedule is, make sure that you are home with your kids for a certain amount of hours. You could make your employers aware of this before you join work. Let them know that you are not going to choose work over your family during that particular duration.

3. Be flexible

As your responsibilities at home increase, you might have to choose a different job or a different career. For instance, until you have kids, you can afford to work long hours and do strenuous work. However, once you have kids, your responsibilities will grow and you must be open to making some subtle changes on the career front. Then later when your kids grow up, you can again go for a job that requires long hours of work.

4. Have a regular house cleaner

If both you and your partner are having a steady job with good income, you could try getting a regular house cleaner. That way, you will not have to bother about cleaning the house while you are at work.

5. Have good childcare arrangements

If your kids are young and you are still doing a full time job, then you can look for someone you trust, to take care of the kids while you are at work. You could keep a check on how your kids are doing by calling them from office.

6. Share responsibilities with your partner

Know that you cannot always be a super woman. It is okay to seek help from your spouse and your family members. You could ask them to share the household responsibilities with you. For example, the eldest kid could help you in making breakfast or your husband could cook on alternate days.

7. Maintain energy levels

To do so many things in a day, you need to have a good energy level all the time. Try eating healthy foods that will keep you satiated without making you sluggish. You could also practice some yoga or do meditation to keep your energy levels good.

8. Focus on your health

Having a good overall mental, physical, and emotional health is vital. Make efforts to focus on your well-being and take out time to keep yourself fit and in good spirits. Try being positive and keeping company of those with a positive attitude in life.

9. Manage your time well

Time management is something that you must practice efficiently to balance both the worlds. Stay organized and value your time. If you are good at managing time, then you will be able to make the most of it.

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