7 Reasons Why Foreplay is Overrated

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Foreplay is a significant part of a sexual activity. It helps you lay the ground work and start up things, allow two people to experience real love making than make it a hurried act. Here are 7 reasons why foreplay is overrated.

1. It is more advisable to improve the quality and duration of foreplay

Men have heard so much about the importance of foreplay that they do not spend quality time in sexual intercourse. Eventually men get done with the intercourse in no time and the woman hasn’t reached an orgasm, making foreplay a futile exercise.

2. Chances of orgasm may increase with longer duration of intercourse

Women have better chances of getting an orgasm during the sexual intercourse than while engaging in foreplay. Increasing the length and duration of intercourse will result in a more enjoyable experience.

3. Some men take too much time to arouse women

Women get multiple orgasms and it may be erratic. Sometimes it takes longer but sometimes before the guy arrives at the real thing the orgasm has passed, leaving women unsatisfied.

4. Some men might not have perfected their skills in the art of seduction

Some men are not well aware of the female body and the different erogenous zones which they can manipulate to arouse the woman. Hence, the lack of skill in foreplay does not achieve the desired results.

5. Too much emphasis on foreplay increases the duration and leaves the woman feeling restless

Because the woman is waiting for the actual intercourse to take place, the extended period of foreplay kills the passion and excitement. It makes the women feel wanting and restless.

6. Foreplay is just for fun

Oral sex or intercourse produce orgasm, however foreplay is just for fun. It might only be a warm up to get you started.

7. It may leave you too tired for the main event

Sometimes excess foreplay can make you physically exhausted. Even though you want to continue the sexual intercourse for long, you will not be able to. Ultimately, all the foreplay prepping will be futile if you did not get to enjoy in the main event.

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