6 Reasons Why Love at First Sight is Fake

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Movies and books often glorify the concept of love at first sight, and even before we understand and realize what love actually feels like, we think that the feeling of spotting someone first time and feeling a little funny inside is true love. Well, that’s not really the case. That funny feeling inside needs to be told to relax a little, because love doesn’t happen just like that. Yes, it’s true that we start to fancy someone right since the moment we see them for the first time, but that necessarily does not mean love. Here are some of the reasons why love at first sight is actually fake.

1. It’s the setting, not the person

In a lot of situations, the setting or the ambiance in which you meet or see a person is so romantic or fantasy filled, that you start to feel everything is perfect. However, the truth is that some settings such as friends’ weddings, parties put you in a mental zone where you want to celebrate that happy moment with someone special. And when you see someone attractive in such a setting, you think that this is it. And that’s it meant to be. In other words, the setting or the environment fools you. So technically, the setting just led you to think that way, but that doesn’t mean you really are in love.

2. You’re conditioned that way

As mentioned before, the setting of the chance encounter between you and your supposed ‘love’ makes you feel that you’re in love. And part of the reason why you get fooled like this, or think this way, is because of the way you have been conditioned, seeing love at first sight work in films and books and TV shows. Truth be told; it may work in fiction, but doesn’t work in real life.

3. You’ve fallen for the appearance

If just seeing the person has made you feel that this is perfect love, then you have technically only fallen for that person’s physical attributes and nothing more. You need to realize and understand that love means a lot more than just being with someone good looking and attractive. You need to see that person in a less-than-perfect attire as well, and still feel the same way to know that he’s the one you love really.

4. You’ve hardly spoken!

True love can only build and develop between two people when they get to know each other properly. And if you are only dependent on love at first sight, then you are wrong, because you have hardly spoken to that person. What if the person’s intellect is not the same as yours or your wavelengths don’t match? It’s important to know a person in and out before you give it the sacred tag of ‘love’. After all, how do you know that he is not a womanizer or won’t cheat on you later?

5. You haven’t gone through a testing phase

Each relationship needs to go through a testing phase for it to be well defined. In other words, for you to realize that you are truly in love, you both need to sail through rough times together, and still feel the same way about each other. When you only consider it to be love on the basis of the good times that you’ve spent together, then you haven’t actually built your relationship well. Come one problem, and it will all fall apart. So don’t base your conclusions on the first few good moments.

6. You may have misjudged

Let’s see this logically. So you’ve spotted a guy across a crowded room and you think that it’s love at first sight. But how exactly do you know that he is not dating someone else, or isn’t married, or isn’t gay for that matter? You may have misjudged the person based on the setting or the situation he was in that time. So wait till you have some clarity, and then ask your head to do some thinking, while giving your jumpy heart’s feelings a backseat.

So now think about all of these things and understand for yourself if love can really ever happen in the first instance only. As a mature woman, you’d realize that there is a lot more to love and relationships than the momentary crushes that we develop by looking at someone attractive.

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