5 Signs Your Boyfriend’s Family Likes You

Date:13-06-2013 14:40:10 read:14

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It is never easy to impress your boyfriend’s family. The worse thing is, you don’t know if you are on the right track. There is a very thin line between giving it your best shot and trying too hard! Life does become a little easy if you feel your efforts are being paid off. There are a few ways to know whether you are doing a good job and whether your boyfriend’s family actually likes you! Watch out for these indicators.

1. They involve you in conversations

During family get-togethers if there is a random topic of discussion and your boyfriend’s parents make sure you are involved in the conversation it means they like you. They are trying for you to be a part of their family and gel with others.

2. They ask about you over the phone

If they inquire about your well-being from your boyfriend and generally ask how you are doing, take it in your stride. Do so even when they send a message across to you through your boyfriend, even if it’s just a hello.

3. They invite you on family holidays

Family holidays are usually a little too personal. If your boyfriend’s parents invite you to such vacations, it means they treat you like family and don’t consider you to be an outsider. They obviously also feel that you won’t feel out of place and will get along with everyone going on that trip.

4. They send you gifts

Be it Christmas or New Year’s, if your boyfriend’s family sends you gifts, they cherish you and are telling you that through gifts. The extent of how much they like you also depends on what kind of gift they send you. The more thoughtful it is, the more they like you.

5. They have genuine conversations

There is a difference between chit-chat and genuine conversations. If your boyfriend’s parents make an extra effort to hold genuine conversations, they surely like you and want to know the real you. They want to understand you better. This is a good sign. If you want them to like you even more make sure you are as genuine as they are.

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